Maximize Metabolism

Five Steps To Maximize Metabolism Rates In Your Body

There are a number of ways to maximize metabolism rates in your body that do not involve fad diets or starving yourself.  It is a fact that America is the most overweight country in the world.  This is believed to be the result of easy, unhealthy food choices and a lazy lifestyle.  It is reported that at least 33 percent of the population is obese and this figure includes children.  Below are some of the best ways to maximize metabolism and get you on track to becoming a healthy person.

If you want to lose weight, you have to raise your metabolism and if you are going to do that, you have to make a few important lifestyle changes.

Step One:  Preparation

If you are ready for a new lifestyle, it is helpful to prepare for it.  Poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle are not only damaging to your metabolism but they are hard habits to break.  You need to mentally prepare for the positive changes and also go shopping for some healthy food.  If you do not have a gym membership you can utilize the great outdoors to walk and just be sure to have a good pair of walking shoes.  It is also helpful to get yourself a tablet of writing paper to keep as a journal so you can log the foods that you eat everyday as well as exercise information and any personal thoughts or comments you want to note.

Step Two:  Get Moving

To really maximize metabolism rates, you must get your body moving.  It is essential to your weight loss and your health that you add some form of physical activity into your daily schedule.  An after dinner or early morning walk is ideal to give you energy and get you burning calories.  You may be surprised after a few days how much you look forward to you daily dose of exercise.  Just remember that the first step is the hardest and then they all get easier.

Step Three:  Dietary Changes

You have to be aware that if you are going to maximize metabolism rates in your body, you need to also provide it with the proper fuel.  The trips to the drive-thru and sweet snacks are going to have to be eliminated.  Stock up on plenty of fresh foods and if you are the kind of person who is always on the go then take the time to cut up and prepare foods so that they are readily available.  This will decrease your urge for grabbing something unhealthy just because it's convenient.

If you take the time to cup up fresh vegetables, they are handy to snack on cold, throw in a salad or steam for a meal.  Once you change your eating habits, you will find that you have more energy and you won't even crave junk food any more.

Step Four:  Get Plenty Of Sleep

You really need to evaluate your sleeping pattern if you want to get your metabolism burning calories.  If you are the kind of person who lays in bed or on the couch with the remote control, channel surfing until you fall asleep then you need to learn to turn the television off.  If there is something that you are really interested in watching then watch it, otherwise you are just wasting valuable sleep time.

Lack of sleep creates a slow metabolism.  If possible, go to bed every night around the same time and if you are not tired, exercise throughout the day more and your problem will be remedied.


Step Five:  Drink Your Water

Changing drinking habits is essential to a healthy lifestyle.  You need to drink water throughout the day to speed your metabolism up and flush fat out of your body.  Aside from keeping you hydrated, water keeps you from overeating by making you feel full.  It also makes your skin radiant and helps with cellulite.

It is important to understand that soda, juice and coffee do not count as water.  Once water has anything added to it other than lemon, it is no longer water, it is a beverage.