Maintaining Homeostasis

The Importance Of Maintaining Homeostasis

Maintaining homeostasis is essential for any organism to remain healthy and stay alive.  It is essentially the body's ability to control the environment from the inside.  Basically, it is characterized as the way that your internal organs work together in perfect harmony, primarily the brain, kidneys and liver.

Your kidneys have the important responsibility of controlling your blood water level by absorbing substances, regulating salt and excreting urea, while the liver metabolizes toxic substances and stabilizes carbohydrate metabolism.  Then, the ringleader to all of the many functions that takes place in your body is your brain. It is responsible for controlling your autonomic nervous system as well as your endocrine system which is vitally important for maintaining homeostasis.

How It All Works

The brain, liver and kidneys are responsible for maintaining homeostasis by regulating the iron content in your blood, regulating your body temperature, composition of blood and producing energy.

Composition Of Blood

There are many components to understand when it comes to your blood circulation.  Blood contains minerals, glucose and fats and it plays many rolls in maintaining homeostasis.

Importance Of Maintaining Homeostasis

If your body cannot maintain its perfect harmonic balance, you will eventually die.  When this occurs it is referred to as homeostatic imbalance.  When destructive positive mechanisms in your body takes over, conditions like heart attacks and strokes can occur.  Imbalances can also lead to diabetes, dehydration, hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia.

It is extremely important to note that this is a good reason why your body needs an adequate amount of sleep every night, preferably six to eight hours.  Sleeping is essential to achieving the homeostatic balance in your body.  It is recommended when possible to have a consistent sleeping schedule where you go to sleep and wake up at the same time so that your body can have a cycle to look forward to every night.  Every organ and bodily function plays its key role in the production of your well-being.