Magnesium Benefits

Top 15 Health Benefits Of Magnesium

There is a very long list of health benefits of magnesium.  This is an essential mineral that plays a very important role in helping your body absorb the much needed calcium from your food.  It is good for your muscles, bones and nerves and it assists with cellular metabolism and protein synthesis.  Magnesium is considered an essential part of alternative medicine and alternative health approaches.  Below are the top 15 health benefits of magnesium that you may not be aware of.

  1. Bone Health – Magnesium plays a direct role in bone density.  In fact, studies suggest that it can actually reverse osteoporosis and slow down bone loss.  So even if you are suffering from issues with your bones, you can remedy your problem and prevent it from coming back.
  1. Back Pain – If you have a sore back, magnesium can help with your relief.  It relaxes your back muscles, muscular tension and kidney stress.  Also, since it helps your body absorb calcium, it assists with bone healing.
  1. Collagen Production – Do you have wrinkles that you have been in a constant battle with for awhile? Magnesium produces specific proteins that your body slowly turns into collagen.
  1. Asthma – One of the most appreciated benefits of magnesium is that it can help chronic asthma patients.  Magnesium supplements can help normalize your breathing by relaxing your bronchial muscles.  Even breathlessness and wheezing can be quickly relieved through an intravenous administration of magnesium.
  1. Pregnancy – One of the greatest benefits of magnesium is the role that it plays during pregnancy. Expectant mothers are advised to make sure that they are taking proper amounts because it can increase your pain tolerance level which can help with a sooth delivery.

  1. Heart Attack – Are you aware that a magnesium deficiency can increase your risk for heart disease?  Magnesium protects your heart from having any irregular heartbeats and it can help cure a heart attack as well.
  1. Diabetes – Patients with diabetes are certainly reaping the benefits of magnesium when they add supplements to their daily regimen.  This mineral has the ability to regulate your sugar levels by improving insulin reactions.
  1. Cramps – Fatigue and leg cramps are visible symptoms of a magnesium deficiency.  Proper intake of this mineral will often remedy these types of ailments quite quickly.
  1. Psychiatric Disorders – Magnesium has the ability to cure even the worst cases of psychiatric dysfunctions including anxiety, stress, depression and panic attacks.
  1. Migraine – There is a large part of the population that suffers from migraines, especially women.  These intense episodes are substantially worse than the average headache that most people experience and they can seriously disrupt your day.  Magnesium can help reduce the number of migraines that you have as well as their intensity level.
  1. Hypertension – High blood pressure is one of the most common causes of a heart attack.  Quite often, a magnesium deficiency is behind hypertension.  To avoid further medical complications, you should increase your magnesium intake.
  1. Seizure Prevention – Magnesium sulfate has been proven as an effective treatment to prevent eclamptic seizures.  These are very common in expectant mothers with high blood pressure.
  1. Bladder Control – Taking magnesium supplements can substantially help individuals with bladder problems.  If you have a frequent urge to urinate, you may have a magnesium deficiency.
  1. Mineral Absorption – Magnesium is vital for your body to absorb vitamins and minerals from the food that you eat such as calcium, potassium and phosphorus.
  1. Enzyme Activation – Another one of the important benefits of magnesium is that it boosts energy production in your body and it creates cellular energy by activating enzymes.