Low Fat Lunch Ideas

Tips for Low Fat Lunch Ideas

In a weight and health conscious society, getting several low fat lunch ideas and keeping the ingredients on hand can help you to make good choices for your midday meal.  Preparing them ahead of time and having them readily available to “grab and go” will make sure that you are eating right.

Whether it is a child heading out for school or an adult on the way to work, most people today have lunches on the go.  Sadly, more often than not, it is found to be easier to stop at a fast food joint to grab a burger and fries than it is to figure out what would be healthier choices.  An equally disturbing fact is that many go through the day without eating lunch at all; instead, they consume copious amounts of snack foods that do not require a sit down to eat. 

The body requires regular fueling to maintain energy, which is typically provided in three meals spread throughout the day, consisting of breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Each meal is just as important as the next.  Breakfast is vital to “break the fast” of the 8 or so hours we spent sleeping.  Lunch is eaten midday to renew the fuel burnt so far during the day; serving to regenerate and energize the metabolism.  Dinner is, or should be, the final meal eaten for the day.  Skipping one or more meals makes it more likely that we will spontaneously eat foods that are quick but unhealthy and of little benefit to the body.

Taking the time to research low fat lunch ideas and preparing them ahead of time means that you can easily grab lunch on your way out the door; providing yourself with a healthy option for the midday meal.  Consider some of these quick fixes:

Lunches should be low fat yet hearty enough to provide the energy to get through the afternoon; using these low fat lunch ideas can do just that.  Making a lunch that offers good carbohydrates, a lean protein and vegetables provides a balanced meal that is also hearty and satisfying.  By preparing these or any other low fat meals on the weekend and storing them in the refrigerator, you make it easier to grab a healthy lunch choice on the go.