Lose Beer Gut

How to Lose your Beer Gut

If it is about time to lose your beer gut and start to feel better about your fitness, then you have definitely come to the right place.  There is no reason why you need to go through life feeling overweight and unattractive.  Many of the things we don’t like about ourselves when it comes to our bodies and fitness can be taken care of if we just commit ourselves to a healthier program.  So how can you lose your beer gut?


Sit-Ups and Exercise

There is no magic bullet to losing your beer gut.  In order to do it you have to take a two-pronged approach.  First, you want to work on burning the fat off your stomach.  The most direct way to do this is to incorporate about a hundred sit-ups into your daily exercise routine.  Sit-ups have the most direct effect on the muscles and tendons in your stomach.  Although you can do other forms of exercise as well, only sit-ups directly work out the stomach’s muscles and help to burn off the calories that add that extra layer of flab to your tummy.

You should not just limit yourself to sit-ups however.  Other kinds of activity can also indirectly affect the weight loss problem.  In fact, you might consider jogging or swimming as well—any exercise where the heart rate increases.  These other kinds of exercises will help to keep you generally fit, which will decrease the chances of you becoming overweight   A general overall bill of health is exactly what will help you to lose your beer gut and make you feel healthy.


Proper Diet

Another consideration, of course, has to be what you eat.  If you really want to lose your beer gut, you will not only have to exercise, but you will also have to watch the kinds of food you swallow.  This means more than simply avoiding beer.  Avoiding fatty foods is the main trick when it comes to keeping from feeding the beer gut.  You should also consider increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables and decreasing your intake of red meat.  Although the later may be full of protein, what you really need to do is to change your diet so that you are both limiting calories and taking a greater slice of the kinds of foods that will help you to remain healthy and slim.

Snacking Between Meals

You will also want to adopt certain practices that will keep you from regaining the weight that you have lost so far.  One of the best ways to avoid gaining weight is to keep snacks out of sight in between meals.  If you are the one that goes to the supermarket, the best way to avoid snacking is to not purchase any snacks when you do the grocery shopping.

Avoid Short Term Dieting

Although it may be tempting to try the latest exercise plan, you are best off exercising for the purpose of staying healthy rather than dieting in order to lose your beer gut.  Short-term diets whose specific goal is to lose a few pounds not only don’t manage to keep those pounds off but lead to an unbalanced and often unhealthy overall culinary routine.  Ideally your diet should be one that promotes health not weight loss.

Avoid Chemicals

The other pitfall that you want to avoid is becoming dependent on certain kinds of drugs in order to keep the pounds off.  Although just taking a pill may not sound like a bad idea, you may find that all you have done is developed a drug addiction if you do take the dieting pills they offer at the store.  Many such pills have been discredited in the past because of their addictive qualities and negative side effects.

In the end, it comes down to eating right and exercise, just like your mother told you.