List Of Good Carbs

Top Four Food Groups on the List of Good Carbs

In a diet conscious world, we constantly hear about bad and good carbs and how they affect our diets and overall health.  It can be quite daunting to try and determine how each food that we eat rates on the carbohydrate scale, so it may be a bit easier to focus on the top five best carbohydrates that we should eat.

Definition of carbohydrates

In brief, carbs are molecules that consist of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.  As such, they make up a major component of the human diet as the main source of food for our bodies.  And, as in most aspects of life, there is a superhero side and an evil villain side to carbs.  Basically, carbohydrates that provide the utmost of benefits to our bodies are those in their most natural form, while the “bad” ones have had their good nature tampered with by humans.  In early days of civilization, there were no bad carbs, since the technology to refine the wholesome grains had not been developed.  Over the years, however, the use of refined sugars, bleached flours and processed vegetables and fruits were not only desirable for their appearance but also easy to mass produce.  Foods such as white bread and white rice were more digestible, and pastries were more tender and moist when made with these more refined products.  As technology grew and expanded, so did the waistbands of the human population as they consumed the processed and manufactured foods.

It has become common for carbohydrates as a whole to be branded as bad for the diet.  They are, however, essential to the human diet.  Every move we make requires energy, and energy is produced in our bodies by the foods we eat.  Carbs can be compared to burning wood for heat; the best carbs are like long burning hard wood, while bad carbs are more similar to using soft, less dense woods that burn hot but fast. 

What makes a carb good or bad?

The best carbohydrates retain much of their natural form; high in vitamins, fiber, minerals and many important phytonutrients.  When carbs are this complex, it takes the digestive system longer to assimilate them.  Carbohydrates from white bread, white rice, sodas, sugary desserts and pastries and many convenience packaged foods only provide temporary energy that causes the metabolism to rise and then crash quickly.  In addition, numerous health issues such as diabetes, heart disease and weight gain are associated directly with these foods.

Best carbohydrate choices

There is a list of good carbs that consists of 5 food groups to include in your daily diet.  These include:

The simple act of incorporating these food groups into your daily diet, along with lean protein, will help to provide the energy the body needs.

Though many fad diets proclaim carbs to be evil villains, the body actually depends upon carbs for many reasons.  The secret is to focus on good carbs, such as those listed above, to achieve a healthy lifestyle and weight.