Light Spotting Before Period

Is Light Spotting Before Your Period Dangerous?

Light spotting before your period is typically nothing to be worried about.  In fact, the large majority of females experience it occasionally or even regularly.  It is understandable that if you have never experienced it before, you could feel alarmed or even quite annoyed if it happens at an inconvenient time.

What Exactly Is Spotting?

Spotting is characterized by a very small amount of blood being passed through the vagina.  It is often such a small amount that it won't even reach your clothing and you may just notice it after you urinate.  The blood can be rusty brown, pink-tinged mucus or even bright red.  For some, it is a one time brief occurrence while it can last hours or days for others.  Spotting is never meant to be considered the first day of your period.  Menstruation begins the first day of full bleeding.

What Is Considered Normal?

Light spotting before your period that is present right around the middle of your menstrual cycle and occurs anywhere from 10 to 14 days before your start date is happening because of ovulation.  This is actually considered an excellent sign of fertility.  This usually occurs because the egg pushes its way through or it can be because the estrogen levels in your body have risen.  When this happens, the uterus sheds a small amount of lining which results in light spotting.

Some women experience a bit of spotting a week before their cycle which only lasts less than a day and is also considered normal.  This is thought to be because of implantation which happens when a fertilized egg burrows itself into your uterine lining.  Keep in mind though that spotting at this time that persists more than a day is not due to implantation.

How To Get Rid Of Spotting

While light spotting before your period is generally not a cause for concern, there are a few things that you can do to eliminate it.