Laser Removal Of Freckles

On the Laser Removal of Freckles

The laser removal of freckles is just one of the many weapons in our modern beauty arsenal.  Freckles are not typically the sort of thing that people concern themselves with when it comes to their appearances.  We hear a lot more about breast size, nose size or hair loss than we do about freckles.  However, if you are fair-skinned or perhaps were a worshipper of the sun during your youth, then the laser removal of freckles may be a consideration for you.

The First Step: Deciding if you really want to pursue your problem

All forms of medical procedures involve a certain amount of risk, no matter how routine.  Even during a typical dental visit where all you do is get a dental cleaning, you could get an oral infection.  Laser surgery to remove skin blemishes is not the riskiest of procedures but it is an elective surgery, which means that you insurance company is unlikely to help you cover cost.  You also increase your chances of getting infections or otherwise damaging your skin.

Therefore, the first thing that you should do is speak with someone close to you, whose opinion you trust about whether laser removal of freckles is for you.  One of the considerations of course, will have to do with your beliefs amount the propriety of cosmetic procedures.  Although many people routinely undergo bodily alterations or other forms of enhancements—some will even proudly display the work that has been done on their bodies as if it were a designer dress--, you will also run across some negative views in society.  Many people view such interventions as a sign of a character flaw—a sign that a person is superficial or has improper priorities.

Finding a Dermatologist

The next step should be to find a licensed dermatologist.  You can either have your general physician recommend you, go through the recommendation of a friend, or find one through the many services on the internet that help you research physicians in your local area.  Be sure to check with the local business bureaus and registries to make sure that the dermatologist is properly licensed and doesn’t have a questionable track record.

The Initial Consultation

When you first go to see your dermatologist, the first order of business will be a full survey of your freckles to determine whether any of them may be melanomas.  Melanoma, or skin cancer, is a common condition for people in general but especially those who have fair skin or have a history of tanning.  Studies have recently proven a strong connection between tanning beds and skin cancer as well.  Since people with freckles often happen also to be among these risk groups, dermatologists will routinely conduct such a check-up.

The Procedure

If when your test comes back, the dermatologist certifies you to have a clean bill of health you will have to decide whether to go through with the procedure.  Your dermatologist will usually schedule you for a visit at the first open opportunity after at least a twenty-four waiting period.  You still have time to change your mind or to decide how extensive you want the procedure to be.

Typically, the procedure itself is short--done in less than half-an-hour.  Most patients don’t even use topical anesthetics.  Sometimes crusting will occur over the surface of the procedure area.  Your dermatologist may recommend creams or ointments, but in most cases, patients are completely back to normal within a few days.

However, dermatologists often recommend that patients remain out of the sun and avoid applying make-up or any other sorts of products until fully healed.  This is to avoid increasing the possibility of infection.

Of course, if you are a sun lover, you may find that your freckles return over time.  Most of the time however, patients are relatively satisfied with their new unblemished skin.