Is Wine Fattening

Is Wine Fattening?

Is wine fattening? The answer to that depends upon several things. We do know that wine contains a fair number of calories, though they're not calories from fat. We also know that those who drink beer or wine in excess are usually a bit heavier than average, sometimes quite a bit heavier. On the other hand there are those who drink a lot of alcohol who never seem to put on any excess weight.



A small glass of wine (about 5 ounces) has about 100 calories if it's white wine and about 10 calories more if it's a red wine. Given those numbers, those who enjoy an occasional social drink should have no fear of putting on weight. Those who have a glass of wine with every meal (except maybe breakfast) would be taking in calories in addition to those contained in the food they're eating.

Wine And Pizza - That small glass of wine contains about 2/3rds as many calories as does a typical slice of pizza. We know that too much pizza, even veggie pizza, can be fattening. If you're used to eating 4 slices of pizza at a single sitting, but are worried about putting on too much weight, you might consider having only 3 pieces, along with a glass of wine, which seems more enjoyable anyway, and you'd be taking in about 50 fewer calories.

Or, try two pieces of pizza with 2 glasses of wine, as long as you’re not driving anywhere, and eliminate 100 calories from your meal. The extreme case would of course be to skip the pizza entirely, and enjoy 4 glasses of wine, a wino diet of sorts, 200 calories less, but actually not all that good for you.

The fact is, drinking wine is a rather difficult way to put on weight, and a glass of wine instead of a slice, or better yet 2 slices of pizza, could actually help you lose some weight. Wine could be considered to be of some value in a weight reduction program, as long as one doesn't rely too heavily on it, or base a weight loss diet around bottles of wine.

Is wine fattening? The answer would seem to be no. A little wine supposedly is good for the heart, and there's little argument that a glass of wine is one of life's nicer pleasures and gentler vices as long as not consumed in excess. We do have to bear in mind that the alcohol in wine in itself contains no nutrients, and is toxic, even though it contains calories. The only way wine could be considered fattening is if one eats lots of fatty foods, and follows it up with a glass or two of wine, adding extra calories.

It's More A Matter Of Health Than Of Weight - The real controversy isn't surrounding the question "is wine fattening?" but is more about the question "is wine healthy?" On the one hand, it seems ludicrous to call anything that is toxic healthy. On the other hand, a glass of wine can be very relaxing and make everything right with the world, not to mention being a great companion to meat, fish, and cheese. In order to have a healthy lifestyle one does not have to give up wine, at least wine in small amounts. Feeling content and enjoying life can often keep us healthier than many dietary choices, and wine can contribute to accomplishing just that, and help in keeping weight off as well.

The Bottom Line - If you don't consume alcohol, don't start. If you drink wine in small amounts, good for you. If you drink it a bottle at a time, you may or may not put on some pounds, but that might turn out to be the least of your worries.