Is Honey Fattening

Answering The Question: Is Honey Fattening?

Is honey fattening?  Interestingly, this question seems to come up more and more lately.  It appears as though while individuals are learning about and appreciating the many health benefits of honey, they are still concerned with their calorie intake.  Of course, everyone knows that there are few things sweeter than this sticky substance, but it is not really a danger to your waistline.



If you are asking the question, “Is honey fattening?” because you have heard someone talking about the high calories that it contains, you are best to simply ignore them.  Branches of medicine such as Siddha and Ayurveda have revered honey as a top health food for many years.

While you may want to compare sugar to honey because they are both sweet, this is like comparing a watermelon to a tiny blueberry because they are not even close to being in the same category.  Honey is a whole, natural food while sugar is a nutrition-less, processed source of worthless carbohydrates.

The Sweet Statistics

Nearly anyone asking the question, “Is honey fattening?” is purely driven by its sweet, exotic taste.  How could anything this simple be so divine and how could a substance that tastes better than a plate of truffles not be damaging to your figure?  Well, it is easiest to learn a little bit about this intoxicating food source so you can understand why it is so good for you.

If you look at the basic calorie count of one spoonful of sugar, you arrive at a number of around 16 calories while honey is 22 calories.  However, it is rare that the fattening components in the foods you eat actually are influenced by calories.

When honey is in its natural state, it is made up of carbohydrates that are formed from glucose, fructose, maltose and a bit of sucrose.  But, these carbohydrates are only present in conjunction with niacin, riboflavin, zinc, copper, manganese, iron, calcium, phosphorus and potassium.  Honey is a whole food, a perfect yin yang of carbohydrates and vitamins and minerals.  While refined sugar is glucose, nothing but a carbohydrate and contains nothing healthy to cancel out the bad stuff.


If you are still asking, “Is honey fattening?” it may also be helpful to examine the digestion rate.  Due to honey's carbohydrate composition and nutritional content, it takes a lot more time for your stomach to digest it.  While refined sugar is released into your blood stream quickly, honey enters at a much slower rate.


Also, studies have even been conducted that prove that honey is not going to compromise your diet one bit.  Studied subjects added 15 spoonfuls of honey to their diet for one month and saw absolutely no weight gain yet they had a higher blood antioxidant content, lower cholesterol levels and felt healthier overall.

Honey is like any other whole food that tastes delicious yet is good for you.  Most sweet fruit is high in carbohydrates but the nutritional content cancels them out.  Calorie counting should only be used for refined or processed foods, never whole foods.

Health Benefits of Honey