Inner Ear Pain

Middle & Inner Ear Pain

Ear aches are often caused by a virus or bacterial infection of the middle ear, but inner ear pain can have other causes, some that could be potentially dangerous. There may also be inner ear pain if there is infection in a nearby area that affects the ear nerves; this may include problems with the jaw, dental abscesses, and even upper repertory infections.

Due to the fact that inner ear pain could be due to a serious condition, it is important that you seek medical advice if you are experiencing any type of ear pain. Some of the medical conditions that can cause ear pain include trauma to the ear, infection, a buildup of earwax, a foreign object, as well as tumors and ear cancer.

One of the most common causes for outer ear infection is water; this is known as swimmer’s ear infection. The treatment for this type of infection is antibiotic eardrops. The ear infection will usually clear within 10 days when treated with eardrops.

In most cases a doctor can diagnose inner ear pain by simply looking into the ear canal, but if there is no obvious cause, such as infection, additional testing may be necessary. If a tumor is suspected your doctor can order an MRI to look for any abnormalities.

Treatment for inner ear pain will depend on the cause of the pain. With outer ear infections it is usually sufficient to treat the infection with eardrops; in a situation to where pain is being caused by wax buildup, the doctor may cleanout the wax and advise you on how to keep too much wax from building in the ear canal.

For middle ear infection the doctor may prescribe antibiotics; this will help clear up any infection and eliminate the pain. It is also possible to treat ear pain with decongestants, as this will help to reduce the fluid buildup in the ear.  Fluid buildup in the ears can be caused from a cold, allergies, as well as throat conditions that block ear drainage.

When there is inner ear pain caused by something more serious, such as a tumor, surgery may be necessary. If there is a condition such as this causing pain in the ear, your doctor will advise you on the best treatment, and what the prognosis is.

Fortunately, most medical problems that cause ear pain are not this serious, and are fairly simple to treat. Some ear pain can be treated with home remedies; a few of the remedies that are believed to help with ear pain include garlic oil, increasing your intake of vitamin A and C, as well as Zinc.

If you experience ear pain, you will want to schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider; even middle ear infection can be dangerous if left untreated. One complication that is can be caused by untreated ear infections is meningitis, which is a potential fatal illness.

If you are experiencing inner ear pain you will need to be evaluated by your doctor as soon as possible to find the cause of the pain. The pain could be due to something wrong with the ear, or another illness that is contributing to the pain.