Hygiene Tips

Important Hygiene Tips for the Elderly

Staying clean is extremely important, not only for someone’s health, but also for his or her emotional wellbeing, which is why hygiene tips can be important. Personal hygiene tends to become a problem with the elderly because they are no longer physically able to attend to these things on their own.

When it falls to caregivers to help the elderly with their personal hygiene, it is important that it is done correctly so that they feel good about themselves. Good hygiene is also important for some practical reasons; it will help keep the skin healthy, which will aid in fighting infections and injury. Bathing on a frequent basis will also help to remove harmful bacteria from the skin that could cause infections.

Hygiene tips should also include keeping the teeth, mouth and gums clean. A clean mouth is healthier, which means that the person will be able to be more comfortable when they eat and will eat better.

Here are some hygiene tips for the elderly that can make this process as painless and easy as possible.

Although these hygiene tips are for the care of elderly patients, they work just as well for anyone that is ill.