HIV Sores


Important Facts About HIV Sores

There are many different types of HIV sores that are present if you have acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS).  With this disease, your body loses its ability to fight off infections so many skin conditions develop including viral, fungal bacterial and even cancer.



Since AIDS was first recognized in 1981, it has become a major health problem across the planet.  Since a person is able to be infected for several years with HIV, they have the ability to infect many other people without knowing.  Some infections may last quite a few years and then suddenly start causing some type of HIV sores which is usually when the individual finds out they are infected from seeing a doctor to treat the skin problem.

Types Of HIV Sores And Skin Conditions

Skin lesions are often the initial sign of HIV infection.  If you have any type of sore that is questionable, it is crucial that you see a doctor or dermatologist for diagnosis and treatment options.