High Energy Diet

The Best High Energy Diet

You may have heard of the new high energy diet, which is basically a diet plan that involves carefully choosing foods high in alkaline and then supplementing these with acidic foods in roughly a four to one ratio.  This is the latest fad in weight loss and I am sure it will make its rounds through the diet fad community before we toss it on the massive dung heap of weight loss plans in favor of yet another get slim quick scheme.  Every season brings yet another re-branding of old nutritional ideas in order to try to make money on people’s insecurities.

In this article, I will not discuss such a new scheme.  In fact, the high energy diet that I will discuss has been around for as long as I can remember.  It is not new, nor is it particularly focused on getting you to lose weight.  It is a “diet,” only in the sense that it is a prescription for eating, not in the modern sense that we use to mean a “weight loss plan.”  Rather, it is a food plan for giving you the energy to get through our increasingly hectic days.

Basic Principles: Balance

The basic principle of a high energy diet is the same of any good diet—get a balanced diet.  Don’t focus on eliminating one kind of food or maximizing one kind of food.  The best diets are those that include a balanced variety of foods that allow you to get the proper mix of calories, fibers, proteins, and carbs.  Any diet that tries to get you to eliminate an entire segment, even just for a bit, is wrong-headed and could lead you to serious dietary and health problems down the road.  For this reason, you should avoid such diets in favor of diets that promote balance between different kinds of foods.

Start with Breakfast

As the saying goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  A high energy diet should start with breakfast, and by breakfast I don’t just mean grabbing a piece of toast or a muffin and running out the door.  Breakfast is a good time to get some fiber, either from your toast or from your cereal.  It is also a good time for dairy products and protein.  You want to make sure that you get charged up and ready to go.  You will need the energy throughout the morning and the day.  Skipping breakfast sets up a chain reaction of poor energy intake that can lead to poor concentration and inferior productivity.

Natural Snacks

A further positive aspect of a high-energy diet is that you should not hesitate to snack at mid-morning—especially if you began your day long before the sun came up.  But you should avoid getting a snack from a machine at work or school.  Instead, pack a banana or apple.  Fruits and other natural foods are the best kinds of snacks because they are not only loaded with energy but they will not burden your system and make you sluggish.

Packing Your Own Lunch

Finally, a major recommendation for a good high energy diet is that you pack your own lunch.  Many of us get lazy and can’t fight off the temptation to go out for fast food at midday.  You are much better off when it comes to a high energy diet, however, brown-bagging it.  Just make yourself a tuna or salami sandwich and you will find that you are much better prepared for the afternoon.  Not only that, but your pocket book will thank you as well.


The final secret tip of the high-energy diet is exercise.  Just as you have to spend money to make money, so too do you have to expend energy in order to make energy.  Diet alone is not enough to keep your metabolism running high and your energy levels up.  You must find the time for a half hour of vigorous exercise everyday.

Follow these tips and you will find that not only will you have the energy to get through the day, but also you will seem healthier and happier—which is the best “look” of all.