Hickey Remedies

Helpful Hickey Remedies

If you are like most other people, at some point in your life, you will probably be in need of a few good hickey remedies.  Like any other type of bruise, a hickey is a hemorrhage that lies right below the skin and it is a result of broken capillaries.  Although these remedies will help to speed up the removal process, nothing can make hickeys miraculously disappear.


One of the oldest and most popular remedies that has been passed down through many generations is ice.  Wrap some up in a paper towel and apply it to the area.  Any damage that has been done to your skin's blood vessels is bound to result in a bit of swelling.  The swelling then ensures that your veins become constricted.  When this happens, blood is not able to flow through and effectively help fix the damage.

Alternatively, many people have luck with placing a metal spoon in the freezer until it is frozen and then applying it to the hickey.  Something about the metal and ice combination speeds the healing along.  Just be sure to remove it from your skin frequently so it doesn't get stuck on it.


After about 24 hours has passed and you have reduced the swelling by applying ice, the heat will help the hickey become less noticeable.  Now that your capillaries have had time to heal, dilating them will ensure that a generous supply of fresh blood comes in to help.  Place a washcloth in nice warm water, wring it out and hold it on the affected area three times daily for at least five minutes at a time.  If you have time, you can do this more often.  This is one of the most soothing hickey remedies.

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel does phenomenal things to hickeys as well as any other types of bruises, sores, eczema, psoriasis or other skin conditions.  Use it as a compress and it speeds recovery by addressing inflammation.  It even heals mild burns!  These shrubs are not only nice to look at, they have some really great healing properties as well.


Here is one of the favorite hickey remedies.  Really, who doesn't love massage?  When the capillaries under your skin rupture, they bleed outward to the tissue surrounding them and then they clot.  The blood clotting is actually the dark, eye-catching bruise that you see around the second day.  When you massage the bruise, essentially what you are doing is breaking the clots up so the dead tissue can be absorbed by your system.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera may not be one of the best hickey remedies but it does at least help make them feel better.  If you have an actual plant, simply break off a leaf and squeeze the healing juice onto your hickey.  If you do not have a plant, you can buy pure aloe vera gel at health food stores.



Excedrin contains aspirin and acetaminophen which are ideal as hickey remedies because not only do they dull the pain, the aspirin minimizes blood clotting and eases blood flow right beneath the skin.   This should not be taken for the first 24 hours until after you have applied ice.

Cover It Up

In the winter basically anyone can cover up a hickey with a turtle neck, hooded sweatshirt or a scarf.  Things get a little trickier in the summer.  Of course, if you are a girl, there are lightweight summer scarves to choose from.  You can also use makeup to cover the hickey.  Pick a concealer with a green tint or base that is designed to hide blemishes and it will help hide your hickey too.