Herbs For Hypertension

Top Recommended Herbs For Hypertension

With over 60 million individuals in the United States currently dealing with high blood pressure, it is no surprise that Americans are looking for herbs for hypertension.  This is a disease that plays a key role in a large majority of both strokes and heart attacks.  Hypertension substantially increases your risk for coronary heart disease, cardiac failure, myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, kidney failure and stroke.

What Is Hypertension?

If you are looking for herbs for hypertension for yourself or a loved one, it is helpful to fully understand the disease.  Hypertension is characterized by the elevation of the blood pressure within the arteries.  Every time your heart beats, it pumps blood to the rest of your body through the arteries.

The actual blood pressure is the blood force pushing against the walls of your blood vessels.  When the pressure is elevated, your heart has to exert more energy to pump which could ultimately lead to severe illnesses and damage such as stroke, heart attack, aneurysm, heart failure or renal failure.


Top on the list of herbs for hypertension is garlic.  It is so incredibly powerful that many natural healers have utilized it in high blood pressure emergency situations.

Garlic is better than man made drugs because it actually regulates your blood pressure so if it is high, it will lower it and if it is low, it will raise it.  It acts as a regulator which is truly something special.

To get the best results, you really need to use fresh organic garlic.  A quality bulb is really white and will contain between 8 and 12 cloves.  You should being by consuming four to five cloves of garlic per day and it should be raw.  If you have difficulty with the taste you can season it with honey or agave nectar.

Red Clover

This is one of the top herbs for hypertension because of the amazing way that it can thin your blood.  If you have fatty, thick blood, you will also have high blood pressure and poor circulation.  Unfortunately, due to today's inactive lifestyle, thick blood is common with Americans.  Red clover is the ideal herb for thinning out your thick blood which in return will lower your blood pressure.

However, just because you are taking red clover does not mean that you should continue with your unhealthy eating habits.  Herbs for hypertension must also be accompanied with dietary and lifestyle change.

When choosing red clover, quality is everything.  When you use the blossoms they should be a rich purple color.  Many companies sell red clover with brown blossoms which means that they were either dead or dying when they were picked.



Cayenne makes the top list of herbs for hypertension for the unbelievable way that it can improve circulation.  To get the best benefits, the pepper must be hot.  Ideally, you will use serranos, African bird or habanero peppers since these are much hotter than jalapenos.  The best place to find the hottest cayenne is a health food store.

Sea Salt

Sadly, most Americans eat refined table salt when natural sea salt actually contains more than 70 minerals that are used by your body.  When salt is refined and made into table salt, the minerals are stripped out with the exception of sodium chloride.  When you eat table salt, your body is unable to use it so it builds up and negatively affects your blood pressure.

You need to replace your table salt with unrefined sea salt which should have a grayish appearance to it.  Celtic salt is one of the best natural sea salt brands.  Add a half teaspoon of sea salt to water once a day and drink it if you do not consume enough of it in your diet and remember to eliminate foods with sodium out of your daily food intake.