Healthy Low Fat Snacks

Healthy Low Fat Snacks:  Good Choices for a Better Life

As a modernized world waddles dangerously close to the abyss of epidemic obesity, the search for healthy low fat snacks is more important than ever.  Considering the fact that over 20 million children under the age of 5 were reported by World Health Organization to be obese in 2005 and that the American Center for Disease Control declares our society as “obesogenic”, finding good nutrition is critical for reducing disease and prolonging life.

What’s so bad about fat?

When talking about fats and nutrition, it is important to recognize that not all fats are necessarily bad.  Many vital organs and body processes rely on “good fats” in order to function properly.  Adequate and monitored fat intake can lead to a healthy heart, brain, lungs, and cellular development.  However, when fat consumption becomes excessive or the wrong kinds of fat are digested, a wide array of health concerns can develop.

What should you eat?

As mentioned, not all fats are unhealthy and not all saturated fats should be eliminated from your diet.  However, foods high in trans fat and saturated fat should certainly be eaten within moderation to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  With this in mind, don’t despair over losing out on your favorite steak every once in a while, but instead, look towards healthy low fat snacks to keep you balanced.  Here is a list of some foods considered low fat that taste delicious and that will help to keep you on the fast track to staying physically fit:

What about More Traditional Snack Foods?

While foods listed above all make excellent and low fat snack foods, every once in a while you may crave something a little more interesting.  Below is a short list of common snacks that can tide you over between meals:

On a final note, remember that regardless of what you eat, making healthy choices means making reasonable choices.  While eating low fat is a sensible way to limit health risks and increase overall health, moderation is still necessary for a balanced diet.  Eating too much of one thing is never a good idea.