Giving Love

What Is Gained By Giving Love?

Giving love is something we all feel is a good thing to do, yet for most of us it can at times be one of the more difficult things to do. The reason is, we're more conditioned to try to receive love, or at least we think about receiving love as something of a goal or even a necessity. Receiving love is indeed a good feeling, and above all, makes us feel at least worthwhile, if not overjoyed.

We get a little taste sometimes of what giving love is all about when we give a gift, without expecting anything in return. The gift may be a simple one, a bouquet of flowers for example, but it gives us such a good feeling to give it, especially if we see it is appreciated. Even if it's just the thought that's appreciated, it makes us feel good.

Much of what is taught to us in the New Testament has to do with giving love rather than receiving it. We are taught that it is the giving rather than the receiving of love is what really is of the greatest importance. Put in more modern terms we might say. "If we concentrate solely on giving love, receiving it will take care of itself".

Romantic Love – We Get It Backwards - When the issue of giving love first arises, we tend to start thinking or romantic love. Obviously, in a romantic situation, our goal is to try to convince the object of our affection to love us. Although we are in love with someone, or at least infatuated by that person, all of our efforts are often directed at trying to receive love rather than give it. We are in effect trying to get a genuine feeling from the other person, while our approach sometimes is something less than totally genuine. All's fair in love and war.

But the joy of giving love isn't limited to giving it to another person. We can love a pet, a painting, a pickup truck that's served us for 20 years, a town, or a neighborhood. Even when an inanimate object is loved, it's still a valid emotion, and a meaningful one. We won't receive love from an old pickup truck, though maybe we'll be rewarded with continued good performance. We do receive love, or at least we interpret it as such, from pets.

Finding A Nice Comfort Zone - Good things happen when giving love. For one thing, we tend to become a little more comfortable with ourselves. Not self-satisfied, just more comfortable. We also tend to be a little more forgiving towards others, and more tolerant of others as well.

The time we spend giving love to others is time we don't spend dwelling on the details of our own life. That doesn't mean we start neglecting our on well-being. It just means that each and every little detail we might otherwise be concerned with or even obsessed with, becomes a little less important.  That gets back to becoming a little more comfortable with ourselves. When we're constantly seeking love or approval from others, it's hard to be satisfied with our own lot in life, and we are in fact being dependent upon others for our own happiness, rather than letting our inner self be the source of happiness.

Giving love can be thought of as a path to happiness. Even those who focus on helping others will have their bad days and their problems. Some who practice giving love have a hard time making it from day to day, and one would think they would be better off spending time looking for love, or at least for help and support, rather than giving it. Ironically, it is this giving of themselves that probably more than anything else, keeps them going, and the same could be true for you.