Getting Rid Of Blackheads

Tips for Getting Rid of Blackheads

Getting rid of blackheads can feel like an impossible task, especially if you have already tried several different commercial products. The truth is that there is not one cure-all product that will work for everyone because we all have different skin types. Some of us have oil skin while other have dry or combination skin. There are a few things that you can try alone or in conjunction with other things to find a routine that works well for your skin type. Take a look at the following recommendations.

Wash Your Face Daily

One trick to getting rid of blackheads is to wash your face at least once a day. Think of all of the grime that your face comes into contact with on a daily basis. Make up, dirt, chemicals or toxins, and even the elements can have a harsh affect on your skin, leading to the development of blackheads and acne. Contrary to popular belief, it is also recommended that you use a gentle cleanser rather than a harsh one that can strip your skin of the vital oils it needs to remain healthy and flexible.

Tone After Every Wash

Skin toner is a lightweight liquid solution that is applied to the skin via a cotton pad. The purpose of applying toner is to allow it to be absorbed into the skin where it can replace a few of the vitamins and minerals that may have been lost during the washing process. Toner is relatively cheap and can provide a good barrier between pores and the elements. Toner can be applied very quickly by drizzling a bit of the solution onto a cotton pad. The toner is then applied all over the skin of the face—be careful around the eyes—where it is then allowed to dry. Toner should not be washed away.

Moisturize Daily

Sometimes our skin can become excessively dry even after the use of a toner. Toner is not meant to fully rehydrate the skin but simply to replace some of the vital nutrients. In order to replace the moisture that makes skin supple and flexible, one needs to apply a light lotion. When getting rid of blackheads you definitely want to avoid heavy or cakey lotions which can make your skin excessively greasy. These will likely add to the problem. Keep your eyes open for a simple lotion containing vitamin e, as this is one of the most essential vitamins to our skin. Also try to find one with a thin consistency or one that absorbs quickly and well.

Exfoliate Weekly

The process of exfoliation, or removing dead skin cells and buildup from one’s skin, has been used for thousands of years. Natural exfoliates can be created by using a simple mixture of a coarse ingredient with a wet one, such as sand and olive oil or brown sugar and milk. Whether you decide to create your own exfoliate or purchase a commercial product, it is definitely a good idea to exfoliate about once a week. Try not to exfoliate too often as this could lead to skin irritation or dryness. The occasional exfoliation can work wonders for removing dead skin buildup which keeps bacteria and dirt trapped within the pores. If you have particularly “hard” blackheads or very small pores, try using steam to open the pores before you exfoliate. Once you have exfoliated the skin, try following it up with toner and moisturizer for a really fresh look and feel!

Consider Using Powdered or Mineral Makeup

Although many argue that makeup provides a protective barrier between one’s skin and the elements of the everyday, it is also true that thick applications or excessively oily makeup can contribute to bad skin and acne breakouts. Powdered and mineral makeup is extremely light and can offer very good coverage without contributing to greasy skin, which is the leading cause of blocked pores.