Full Body Lift

What You Should Know Having a Full Body Lift

If you or someone you know has recently undergone rapid and drastic weight loss, there may have been discussions regarding undergoing a full body lift. When a great amount of fat is suddenly lost, it is difficult for the elasticity of the body to handle that kind of drastic shape change. The result tends to be pounds and pounds of unsightly loose skin.

This article provides a good deal of information regarding having a full body lift and what you should know before deciding to go under the knife. If you are considering the possibility of this surgery, be sure to express and fears or concerns with your surgeon and general physician so that you are at ease and well informed before, during, and after the process.

What Is a Full Body Lift?

This is an extensive surgical procedure that is designed to help completely remake your body. In cases where patients have lost a great deal of weight, they are often left with copious amounts of loose skin that dangles from their now fit frames. Since this skin has lost its elasticity, there is little or no hope that it will ever tone up, forever curing the now thinner person to be stuck carrying around a remnant from their obese past.

Full body lifts remove this extra skin and allow the now healthy body to be visible. This surgery can address all of the body parts that tend to accumulate this excess skin. These parts are the breasts, stomach, arms, thigh, hips, and the buttocks as well. These parts are reshaped and contoured to show them off to their best advantage, leaving the patient with a smoother, trimmed, and attractive appearance.

This surgery, while certainly cosmetic in nature, helps the patient out in other important ways as well. Extra skin can weigh a very large amount, and put undue stress on the patient’s back and spinal discs. In addition to this, sores may also develop due to excessive chaffing and friction. Some infections may also develop in areas where the skin remains moist and air is unable to get to it. All of these problems are easily remedied with the full body lift procedure.

Risks to Keep in Mind

While there are certainly many benefits to this total body overhaul, there are significant risks involved as well. Any form of surgery has its own risks, generally involving accidental cutting or an infection during after care. This surgery is no exception. In fact, because this total process involves so many different procedures, doctors often like to split up the surgeries and tackle them at separate times.

In order to minimize these risks though, you will be monitored very closely and given very strict instructions about personal care after you are released. Some people like to opt to go to a special medical facility for major cosmetic surgeries. This ensures that doctors and specialists are always available if needed, and the patient can enjoy specialized aftercare.


Other Downsides to Consider and Be Aware Of

As previously stated, this is a major surgical endeavor that your body will be put through. Because of this, your recovery time is going to be very lengthy, and swelling may remain for months. You will need to remain under careful home care for at least 6 weeks following your procedure, so make sure that you will be able to be off of work for that long and have help with the children if that is a concern as well. You may wish to have a family member move in to help take care of you if you are single with children.

The cost is another concern for many people. This is not a cheap surgery. It will be one of the major expenses you will undergo throughout your life. Many people consider it worth it though in order to completely rid themselves of the discomfort and embarrassment of excess skin and sagging.