Flower Pollen Extract

Is Flower Pollen Extract Good For You?

There's little denying that there is much to be said for the healthy benefits of flower pollen extract. Pollen is of course an essential element in the life cycle of plants. That doesn't automatically make pollen or flower pollen extract essential for our well being, but the evidence seems to indicate that there is much in the extract that is at least potentially good for us.

Facts Versus Hype - One of the problems in researching flower pollen extract is that the majority of the articles and write ups are promotions for flower pollen extract products and supplements. Many of the claims are probably based on fact, but not all are. As an example, one claim is that flower pollen extract promotes longevity, the evidence cited being that many residents of a region in an eastern European country live well past 100, the reason being they consume large amounts of honey. This argument is somewhat of a stretch to say the least. For all we know, vodka may be the reason.

Flower pollen extract is also claimed to grow hair. When specific food items or supplements are claimed to cure cancer, grow hair, or reverse aging, a safe choice is usually to spend your money on something else. What has been shown is that the extract does seem to have a positive effect as far as stimulating the growth of new skin cells is concerned. That, while not preventing or reversing aging, can at least help delay some of the signs of aging, one being the deterioration of the elasticity of the skin.

There is plenty of evidence pointing to some of the things in which flower pollen extract appears to provide some benefit, and it is unfortunate that phrases like "tends to", "has been known to", and "is thought to" are sometimes presented as factual statements. It is known for example that flower pollen extract contains compounds which benefit smooth muscle function and are therefore helpful in maintaining a healthy urinary tract. The known anti-inflammatory properties of flower pollen can be beneficial in treatment of certain viral infections including the common cold. Flower pollen extract will not prevent or cure colds, but can lessen the symptoms and often keep a cold from becoming worse.

Wound Healing - The extract has been shown to have certain desirable tonic properties or powers when it comes to wound healing. The effectiveness of the pollen extract in wound healing is beyond question. Ironically, just why the extract is so effective in this area isn't well understood.

Geriatrics - Flower pollen extract is often promoted as being useful in the area of geriatrics. There have been numerous studies in this area, some of which seem to bear out some of the claims. The extract appears to have a positive effect on concentration and general sharpness of the mind, and at the same time has shown a tendency to reduce levels of tiredness and fatigue in the elderly. Many of the studies done rely on double blind testing and statistical sampling, and in many cases valid scientific samplings have provided evidence that some of the claims made are true.

Left With A Question - There's no doubt that flower pollen extract is healthy. That it has many beneficial uses, and that there seem to be no undesirable side effects when ingesting it. Unfortunately, many of the studies taken to examine potential benefits have been performed on a somewhat limited scale, so we have to rely chiefly on the claims of those who promote pollen supplements and products. This leaves us in a position of not knowing whether paying money for these products is going to be money well spent or not, as there is little indication as to how much of this good thing we actually need, and for what reason.