Flabby Thighs

How To Get Rid Of Flabby Thighs

If you want to get rid of your flabby thighs, it will take proper nutrition, exercise, determination and a whole lot of discipline.  Your legs did not get that way overnight so you cannot expect them to transition to being long and lean without a little time.  Despite what you may want to believe, there is not a magic pill or cream that will provide you with long-term results.  The only way you are going to stop that jiggle while you walk is by putting in some sacrifice and hard work.

Proper Nutrition

Do you ever wonder why even some of the thinnest women have cellulite?  It is because although they may be skinny, if they are lacking a muscle tone and eating unhealthy foods, their body is made up of an abundance of fat cells.  It you are serious about getting rid of your flabby thighs, you absolutely must eat healthy.

You have probably heard by now that white flour products and sugar ends up right on your hips, along with a few other places.  These products need to eliminated and replaced with plenty of leafy green vegetables.  Additionally, throw out the golden rule of three square meals a day.  To really rev your metabolism you should be consuming at least five small meals.

Cardiovascular Exercise

You may say that you absolutely hate cardiovascular exercise but it is the only way that you are going to get rid of those flabby thighs and you may be surprised how addicting it is after awhile.  Cardiovascular exercise consists of walking, running, aerobics, cycling, jumping rope, swimming or any other activity that gets your heart rate up and makes you sweat.

Ideally, you will participate in some form of activity four to five times per week for no less than a half hour for your body to really get into a fat burning stage.  Anything up until this point is really just a warm up.  For best results, aim to exercise between 65 and 75 percent of whatever your maximum heart rate is.


Lunges may not be your favorite exercise to do but they certainly are your best friend when you are trying to tone your flabby thighs.  To perform these, position one leg behind the other with the rear one stretched out and the front one bent at the knee.

Making sure at all times that your front knee remains directly above your heel and lunge your body down as low as you can comfortably go.  Switch sides and repeat 15 times on each side. Rest for a minute and repeat the set two more times.


This exercise is just as easy as sitting down in your favorite chair.  Stand with your feet a bit wider than your shoulders and squat down.  When you raise back up, really push through your heels.  Always keep your back tall, butt tucked in and knees directly above your heels.  Complete 15 repetitions and repeat two sets.


Squats are a really fabulous exercise because you can switch them up a bit to target different areas of the muscle.  Bring your legs close, point your toes outward or inward, perform baby pulses or jump from the squatted position.  Any variation that you do is going to do wonderful things for your flabby thighs.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water is vital to the success of any weight loss plan.  Not only does water help you feel fuller throughout the day, it helps to flush fat out of your body.  Keep in mind that tea, soda or juice do not count as your daily intake.  The water you need to drink has nothing in it aside from maybe a slice of lemon or lime.

Get Your Rest

Ideally, you will allow your body to partake in seven or eight solid hours of sleep every night.  Not only do you need sleep to have energy for your next workout, your muscles need this time to rest.