Fixed Dentures

Are Fixed Dentures Right for You?

Fixed dentures are proof of just how far we have come in the dental field. At one time individuals who were forced to wear dentures had no choice but to mess around with powders, pastes, and glues in order to secure their dentures. With fixed dentures individuals have the option to obtain secure false teeth without having to deal with the messiness or embarrassment of loose dentures. If you are faced with deciding what type of dentures to get, you might want to put some serious consideration into the fixed variety!


What Are Fixed Dentures?

Fixed dentures on their own appear just like any other dentures except that they are fixed with small metal posts. These posts are inserted into metal devices which are implanted into one’s jaw. As you know, the typical dentures requires removal before bed and must be secured using some form of solvent—which sometimes has to be applied multiple times throughout the day. Because a fixed denture locks into metal sockets within one’s gums and jaw, they are quite permanent when it comes to everyday use. Rarely does this type of denture come out on its own. They are highly secure and often enable people to eat things that they normally wouldn’t with the everyday loose denture.

Who is a Good Candidate for Fixed Dentures?

This permanent form of denture is a reliable fix for many who have lost or will lose their teeth due to decay, gum disease, periodontal disease, or an accident. In most cases, this type of denture is not ideal for an individual who still have a few good teeth left. Partial dentures can be constructed even if only one tooth remains. Not everyone is a good candidate for this procedure. For instance, those whose jaw bone(s) has deteriorated too much or who suffer from a severe case of gum disease may not benefit from fixed dentures because the implant posts may not be properly secured due to looseness in the gum or jaw bone.


A surgical procedure is necessary in order to implant the posts, therefore this should be considered as well. No surgery is completely free of risk and therefore those who commit to this procedure should obviously be capable of mentally recognizing and weighing these risks. The financial aspect is another one to consider, as this type of denture is one of the most costly around due to the quality of the denture as well as the surgery involved in fitting it.

Is it Worth the Cost and Procedure?

To many, the stability and reliability that fixed dentures have to offer is definitely worth the cost. One of the worst side effects of traditional dentures is the discomfort that occurs as a result of loose dentures sliding against the gums resulting is rawness and the development of sores. Traditional dentures eventually lead to the sagging of facial muscles around the jaw, lips, cheeks, and neck caused by the times when the dentures are removed, such as while one is asleep. With implanted dentures this process is less likely to occur because the dentures are very rarely removed.

There are down-sides to fixed dentures, however. One is at a much higher risk of incurring infection due to the fact that these dentures are harder to clean. They cannot be slipped out and brushed as traditional dentures can. This can lead to the entrapment of food particles and bacteria which may not easily brush away. All of the risks and benefits should be discussed with one’s dentist before a commitment is made.