Fitness Tips For Teens

Top 10 Fitness Tips For Teens

Effective fitness tips for teens are needed more now than ever before.  It is reported that American teenagers are in the worst shape today than any point in history.  At least 38 percent are obese and over half are overweight with one or two risks for heart disease as well as type 2 diabetes.  Every time you are sprawled out in front of your television or chatting online with your friends, your metabolism completely slows down.  It is suggested that the average teenager spends 30 hours watching television per week and usually compliments that with an unhealthy snack.  If this sounds like you, below are 10 fitness tips for teens that will get you moving and healthy.

  1. Get Involved – You should be active and enjoying your teenage years, not hiding away in a dark bedroom staring at your computer screen.  Do not pass up the opportunity to play sports either at school or on weekends with your friends.  Beach volleyball, rollerskating and even bowling will at least get you moving and your metabolism increased.
  1. Stretching – One of the most important fitness tips for teens is to remember to stretch.  This is the most neglected activity even though it is so crucial.  Stretching before exercising or participating in sports will help prevent injury and stretching after will help you develop long, flexible muscles.
  1. Go For A Walk – Adding a simple walk to your daily routine will keep your heart healthy and help keep the pounds off.  Take your dog for a walk after dinner instead of reaching for the remote control.  As long as you can do two things at once, you can even use this time to text or call your friends, then it doesn't even feel like exercise.  Chances are, you probably have a friend in the neighborhood that would love to go for a walk but they have no one to walk with.
  1. Healthy Food Habits – Although it may be tempting to just starve yourself, this is never a healthy solution, it is simply lazy.  Your body will have a faster metabolism and work better if you eat several small meals and snacks throughout the day.  However, this does not mean potato chips and chocolate bars.  Replacing your junk food with fruit, nuts or other healthy choices like a fresh smoothie will make you feel better from the inside out and you will have a lot more energy.

  1. Get Plenty Of Sleep – Your body needs adequate time every night while you are sleeping for it to reset itself.  Lack of sleep affects your health, concentration, energy levels and metabolism. It may be tempting to watch that last episode of one of your many favorite slows on television but you will feel more energized and focused in the morning if you devote that time to sleep.
  1. Train For Endurance – Aerobic conditioning is one of the most important fitness tips for teens that seems to be passed over more and more.  Running is going to build your muscles, strengthen your lungs and heart and shed any weight gain you may be concerned about.  Start out with a slow jog mixed with walking and increase this every week.  Jumping rope or going cycling are both great aerobic workouts as well.
  1. Weight Training – Here is another one of the most neglected fitness tips for teens.  You do not even have to use heavy weights or be concerned with bulking up because squats, pushups and crunches are all excellent ways to build muscles.  The more muscles that you have, the more calories that you burn, even when you are sleeping.
  1. Pick A Sport – Find a sport that you love and dedicate time to practice.  If you are participating in something that you really enjoy doing, it doesn't feel like exercising.  This can include soccer, dancing, football, gymnastics, softball, figure skating, hockey, volleyball and basketball.
  1. Get Moving – The more active you are, the more energy your body will naturally have.  Walk around when you are on the phone, clean your room or go play fetch with your dog in the backyard.
  1. Look Out For Yourself – Peer pressure can be difficult to deal with but you should only be concerned with what is best for you.  Smoking, drinking and doing drugs are all things that you will regret at some point.  Treat yourself like you are important because you are.