Fiber Shake

Weight Loss with Fiber Shakes

Losing weight and burning fat is important for maintaining good health, and fiber shakes are an excellent method for achieving this goal.  Fiber is a vital element for the body that provides a means of keeping the digestive tract clean and for providing that full feeling that keeps people for overeating.

How fiber makes us healthier

It may seem odd, but while fiber is vital for overall good health in humans, it is an indigestible item for the body.  When we consume fiber, it simply passes right through the digestive tract.  So how can this seemingly useless substance bring improved health?  Because fiber rich foods move quickly through the system, they enable the bowels to function optimally and without sluggishness.  A consistent diet that is high in fiber prevents buildup of waste in the bowel, leading to a healthier organ that is not conducive to harmful bacteria.  In addition, as the fiber moves through the digestive tract, it collects fat and carcinogens and aids in removing these potentially harmful substances, thereby reducing the risk of obesity and colon cancer.  The coarse nature of the fibrous foods acts as a chimney brush as it moves through the intestines, scraping the intestinal walls clean.

Slower digestion also retards the body’s natural instinct for releasing insulin into the system.  When foods made with refined grains are consumed, they are transformed into blood sugar quickly.  This, in addition to the insulin produced naturally by the body, means that an overload of blood sugar is now present in the system, commonly called a “spike”.  When this happens, the body automatically responds to this new “energy” by utilizing it instead of burning fat stores.  In simpler language, the energy is often stored although the body does not need additional stores.

Fiber rich foods remain in the stomach for a longer period of time than simple carbohydrates as the stomach does its best to break them down.  This retention gives a feeling of fullness in the stomach and discourages that hungry feeling that often causes people to overeat.  Less food intake automatically means that the body must pull energy from its fat storage cells to operate optimally; as more of the fat storage is removed, the more weight is lost by the individual.

Where to find fiber

There are several food sources that are high in fiber, including beans, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.  It can be difficult, however, to obtain enough of these natural sources to meet our body’s needs.  Fiber shakes are an excellent alternative.  Available in either ready to drink or ready to mix formulas, these shakes can contain either psyllium or acacia fiber along with a whey protein for healthy muscle maintenance.  Often, there are other minerals and vitamins added to the shakes so that they can be used for meal replacements.

Drinks that are high in fiber do not have to be low in flavor, however.  Shakes come in a variety of delicious flavors that make drinking them not only beneficial but enjoyable as well.  Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, coffee and more are designed to appeal to those who want to enjoy the taste of their healthy meal alternative.  There are a large number of choices available on the market for these shakes as demand for the healthy drink has grown over the years.  An important factor when choosing a brand is in the caloric count per serving.

When striving for weight loss, a healthy diet is vital.  Adding fiber shakes to a meal plan is a great way to attain a healthier body and to lose weight as well as fat.