Fetal Hiccups

Are Fetal Hiccups Normal?

In a word, yes. Fetal hiccups are not only normal; most people find them to be incredibly cute. Of course, it can be kind of alarming the first time you look down and see your belly jiggling and jumping. Know that they are just another interesting part of the adventure of being pregnant.



Fetal hiccups tend to begin around the second trimester and can continue throughout the pregnancy. Sometimes they come at regular intervals, occurring at the same time each day. In other cases, they are completely random. Most mothers enjoy feeling their baby move inside of them and find the hiccups reassuring and comforting.

For the majority of women, fetal hiccups aren’t painful – though some report that their stomach muscles feel a little sore after a hiccupping bout. Think of it as your baby’s way of helping to keep your abdominal muscles in good condition. Fetal hiccups are actually one of the more gentle and subtle ways your baby lets you know that he or she is there.

Some Interesting Tidbits About Fetal Hiccups

If you feel that what you are experiencing is not simply due to fetal hiccups, or if you have more questions about them, talk to your doctor or midwife. You should always ask about things that concern you regarding your pregnancy. It’s important to be your own advocate and to help yourself to maintain a calm and stress-free mindset by being an informed and involved partner in your care. There is no question that isn’t okay to ask your physician. In a patient/doctor conversation, there truly are no stupid questions.