Fenugreek And Your Hair

Commonly Asked Questions About Using Fenugreek for Hair Loss

Many people, men and women alike, are now using fenugreek for hair loss instead of turning to hair clubs and synthetic alternatives. Fenugreek therapy is a natural method, and many people swear by it. This article serves to provide information on using fenugreek for hair loss and thinning, as well as answer many of the common questions people have.




What Is Fenugreek?

Fenugreek, or Greek hay as it is also called, originally hails from Southeastern Europe and parts of Western Asia. Known for centuries for its medicinal healing properties, it wasn’t until years later that a painter noticed it affected hair growth and re-growth.

Simply put, fenugreek is a wild-growing herb that has many medicinal properties, and the scientific and cosmetic field is now looking at ways that this herb can benefit the general population.

How Does It Help Hair?

Aside from simply using fenugreek for hair loss, you can also use it to improve the overall quality of the hair shaft. This is accomplished in many ways, ranging from moisturizing to ridding your scalp of dandruff.

If you suffer from hair breakage, fenugreek can help with that because of its vast amounts of lecithin. Lecithin is a natural emollient and is well known for strengthening and moisturizing hair. In addition to this, fenugreek also contains copious amounts of nicotinic acid and protein, which substantially boost the strength of the hair shaft as well.

How Do You Use It?

Using fenugreek for hair problems is a lot easier than you may think, but is a bit more complex than simply eating some of the seeds. In order to reap the benefits, you will need to create your own hair tonic that uses the herbal properties found in the seeds.

Start by taking a fair amount of the fenugreek seeds and boil them. Once they reach a boil, remove them from the stove and allow them to soak, preferably overnight, in some extra virgin coconut oil. The next morning you can sift the seeds out and then apply the mixture directly to your scalp. To do so, simply massage the oil into your scalp for at least 5 minutes, but no more than 10. Use a gentle shampoo and gently wash your hair to remove any excess oils.

If you would like to make more than one batch in order to save time, this is certainly possible. Just make sure that you have a good quality squeeze bottle to keep the tonic in.


How Long Should You Do This For?

This depends on what you want to happen. If you simply want to help strengthen your hair and add a little luster and shine, then you will see results after the first application. If you would like to stop hair loss, then it is going to take a few weeks to really be able to tell the difference. If you continue the treatments, however, it is very likely that not only will the hair loss stop, but it can actually reverse, and new hair will start growing again.

Where Can Fenugreek Be Purchased?

Fenugreek can be purchased at almost any herbal store. It is highly suggested that you compare prices with online stores, however, since many places like to take advantage of the herbal and organic trends that are so popular right now. Don’t be afraid to shop around.

If you are feeling a bit wary about mixing your own hair tonic, you will be happy to know that many businesses and professional salons sell hair products that use fenugreek already. These are also available online and in some specialty salons but make sure that the product is geared towards your desired results; otherwise you may simply end up with gorgeous, shiny hair that is still receding.