Female Urinary System

Female Urinary System:  Perfect Simplicity in Elimination

Although the female urinary system is fairly simple, there are many health conditions that can occur when one or more of the parts aren’t functioning properly.  To better understand how the system works and what can go wrong, we will take a brief look at the various components of the female urinary system and how each one functions.

How does the urinary system work?

As with all of the bodies functions, regardless of simplicity there is always a complexity involved in the process.  The urinary system is no exception.  Before the urinary system is even utilized, the body has already been hard at work to reduce and extract vital nutrients required for good health.  After undergoing chemical digestion, foods we have eaten are depleted of their nutrients and passed on as waste into the urinary system.

What are the parts of the female urinary system?

The urinary system is comprised of only 5 different segments; the kidneys, ureters, bladder, sphincter, and urethra.  Each component has a special function within the system:


These two fist sized, bean shaped organs are responsible for processing blood and removing excess water and waste.  From here excrement is sent into the ureters.


The ureters are two small, lengthy tubes that carry processed waste from the kidneys to the bladder.  Ureters are responsible for intermittently squeezing and pulling urine down from the kidneys to prevent infection. 


The bladder is a muscle lined organ located within the pelvic frame.  It is almost balloon like in appearance and the organ acts as a reservoir for holding urine until it can be eliminated through the urethra.  Preventing leakage from the bladder is the sphincter which acts as an elastic type band that only opens when triggered by the brain to do so.

What happens if the urinary system isn’t working properly?

As mentioned, there is a wide array of problems that arise when one or more of the urinary components are not functioning properly.  Some conditions may be fairly simple and will pass on their own while other health concerns are more serious and can even lead to death.  Here is a brief list of just a few conditions caused by an improperly functioning urinary system:


How to improve urinary health

Taking care of your body is important for living a long and healthy life.  By taking charge of what you eat and what you do, you can make great strides towards thwarting urinary system diseases.  Here is a brief idea of the things you can do to make sure your body stays in top form:

Final Notes

As more and more people are presented with ever increasing health concerns, speaking with your physician on a regular basis is a good start to staying healthy.  Be sure to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have regarding your urinary system as soon as possible to avoid any potential problems in the future.  With today’s technological and medical advancements, there is little that can’t be resolved with early detection and treatment.