Estrogen Deficiency Symptoms

Recognizing Estrogen Deficiency Symptoms

Often times after a woman goes through menopause she will begin to experience estrogen deficiency symptoms. It is usually an estrogen deficiency that will cause many of the menopause symptoms that women experience during this time, but if you have these symptoms, you should also be aware that it could cause more serious problems as well.

If you are experiencing estrogen deficiency symptoms it is important that you see your doctor for an evaluation to determine if there may be an underlying problem contributing to your symptoms, and if there is any treatment options available.

Some of the estrogen deficiency symptoms that you will experience if you have too little of this hormone include,

Fatigue – You may find that you are extremely tired, even at times of the day that you would not normally feel so fatigued. When fatigue is one of the estrogen deficiency symptoms, you will likely feel more tired as the day progresses.

Headaches – Although there are a number of things that can cause headaches, it is also a symptom of low estrogen levels. The headaches can be a dull ache, or a migraine.

Depression – It isn’t well known but depression is also among the estrogen deficiency symptoms. If you are suffering from depression you may feel extreme levels of emotion, especially sadness, but you could also simply feel tired.

Lower Back Pain – If you have low levels of estrogen you might experience lower back pain more than you normally do. No matter what is causing this pain, if it is a chronic condition you’ll want to consult your healthcare provider.

Short Term Memory Loss – Women that are having estrogen deficiency symptoms may also suffer from memory problems, especially short-term memory loss. This is common, and if you experience this you will want to ask your doctor if lack of estrogen could be your problem.

Pain and Swelling in Joints – Women that are going through menopause often experience joint pain, and swelling, as well as stiff muscles. If you are having this problem your doctor may be able to help relieve the pain with treatment.

Vaginal Dryness – Lack of estrogen can cause vaginal dryness, which is very uncomfortable. Women with this problem are more prone to vaginal injuries and infections.

Bladder Problems – One of the known estrogen deficiency symptoms include bladder problems; you may feel the need to urinate more often and have frequent bladder infections.


Problems Sleeping – It is possible that you may have trouble getting to sleep and waking up. Often this is attributed to hot flashes, which does cause sleeping problems, but probably isn’t the only contributing factor.

If you suspect that you have estrogen deficiency symptoms and are at an age where it could be attributed to menopause, you still won’t want to disregard these symptoms. It is important to bring up your concerns with your doctor so that you can receive an evaluation and discover if menopause is the cause of your discomfort of if there is something else wrong.

Another reason to talk with your doctor is that there are treatments and medication that can help relieve these symptoms, even if they are caused by menopause.