Enlarged Cervix


Enlarged Cervix and Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is a hot topic lately because of the recently introduced vaccine, and some women wonder if having an enlarged cervix is a symptom of this type of cancer. Of course, these questions cannot be definitively answered on any Web site. The only way to know if you have cervical cancer is to get screened by a medical professional and wait for the test results.



An enlarged cervix is fairly uncommon, and it is usually detected during the dreaded annual appointment with the gynecologist. Most of the time, having an enlarged cervix is not a serious problem. Regardless of the cause or reason for the enlargement of the cervix, it is vital to get any diagnosis from your doctor. In fact, without a doctor, there will probably be no indication at all of an enlarged cervix.

The important point here is to see the doctor, get a proper exam and wait for the results before jumping to any dramatic conclusions. Cervical cancer can be deadly, but it can also be cured – as long as it is caught in the early stages. That is why screening for cervical cancer is so important, and why it should be done every year by every woman.

As with many cancers, cervical cancer has very few outward symptoms. This is the case with most types of cancer. By the time any signs of the disease show up, the cancer may be in the late stages which makes getting rid of it all the more difficult. Many of the most common types of cancer, like breast cancer – are nearly 100 percent curable as long as they are caught in the first or second stage. The best way to identify cancer cells growing in their earliest stages is by screening for them.

The most common type of test used to screen for cervical cancer is called a Pap Smear. It is done by the Ob-Gyn (Obstetrician/Gynecologist) in the annual exam. Medical experts suggest that all women have check-ups with the Ob-Gyn once a year for the best chances of catching cancer before it grows to a severe level. If cancer is present and it is caught early through the Pap Smear, treatment can begin immediately and the problem may be eliminated relatively quickly.

Nearly all women will agree that this annual physical is not the most fun experience of their year. On the other hand, anyone who has been healed from cancer because it was caught early will say it is more than worth the temporary discomfort.

The other benefit of having an annual Ob-Gyn exam is that these tests can detect any cells that are abnormal but pre-cancerous. There may be suspicious cells in an around the cervix that are not cancerous at the time of the tests, but these particular pre-cancer cells are known to turn into cancer when left on their own to grow and spread. The Pap Smear can spot these pre-cancerous cells and the doctor can remove them before they are allowed to grow into anything more harmful.

Removing these cells is usually done as an outpatient procedure and takes a relatively short time. The important thing to note here is that the cells are completely removed from the body before they are given the chance to lead to cancer. No pre-cancer cells, no cancer. And anyone who has been touched by cancer in their life will tell you, take the tests to catch it early. Do whatever you can to avoid cancer and live a long and healthy life.