Eliminate Snoring

Tips to Help You Eliminate Snoring

There are many products out there that claim to eliminate snoring, but some can be costly and may not work for everyone. Snoring is usually caused by an obstruction of one’s airway, such as when tissues in the throat relax due to the jaw’s position or by simply having weak upper throat muscles. Snoring can also be the result of excessive dryness or the buildup of mucous produced during a cold. The problem with snoring is that it not only upsets a perfectly good night’s rest for you, but it can also produce some nasty side effects and disrupt your partner’s sleep. Let’s take a look at a few ways that you can try to eliminate snoring on your own.

 Elevate Your Head

Those who snore are likely to have a tendency to lie flat while sleeping. This can encourage the tissues within the throat to loosen or relax. As the muscles relax they enclose on the uvula, which is the ball-like tissue that hangs from the soft palate in the back of the throat. As the sleeper draws in air through their nose or mouth, it causes the uvula to vibrate against the relaxed throat muscles and produces various snoring sounds. If you add an extra pillow under your head and shoulders, you may find that this reclined position reduces your snoring. Elevation will prevent the throat muscles from being able to completely relax, thus leaving your airways nice and open!

Are You Overweight?

It is not uncommon for heavy individuals to have a snoring condition. When a person gains weight, they do not only gain it in their stomach, butt, or thighs. Fat increases all over the body, even if only in very small amounts. Fat can even accumulate within the tissues of the throat. If you have noticed the skin under your chin and around your neck growing in thickness, then this could likely be the cause of your snoring troubles. As the fatty tissue increases in this area, it takes over the open space meant for the air to travel through. Just as with weak throat muscles, fatty deposits can press against the uvula and result in vibrations which produce the sounds we perceive as a snore.


Avoid Muscle Relaxants and Improve Muscle Control

Items such as alcohol and sleeping pills can produce a sedating effect on the body’s muscles, and that includes the muscles of the throat and mouth. Chemicals that force these muscles to become relaxed should be avoided for a week on a trial basis. If during this time your condition seems to improve, then you know that permanent treatment should include the avoidance of these substances.

You may also find improvement in your condition if you strengthen the muscles of your throat. This is usually done through speech exercises or singing. –Try singing along to music on the drive to work or reading aloud for about fifteen minutes each day. Over time you should find that your condition improves as your muscles become stronger.

Sleep on Your Side

If you have tried elevating your head and still find your snoring issue to be as bothersome as ever, then you may want to consider sleeping on your side. The reason why elevation may not be able to fully eliminate snoring is the fact that sleeping on your back may cause your tongue to slide backwards and block your airways. If you sleep on your side then your tongue will be forced by gravity to lean towards the side as well, making it much less likely to press against the uvula and the surrounding throat muscles.