Dissolving Gallstones

Dissolving Gallstones the Natural Way

Dissolving gallstones is necessary if you are plagued with this problem.  Gallstones are born in the gallbladder and can sometimes get ensconced in the system of ducts that lead out from this organ.  The gallbladder is the organ that neighbors the liver, where the body houses its wastes.  The liver produces fluids that aid in digestion (bile), extricating nutritional content from everything that we eat, from steak to bananas.  Gallstones are largely concentrations of cholesterol, which form when you consume too much of this harmful ingredient.  The gallbladder removes much of the cholesterol, but, unable to release into the rest of the body, the cholesterol gathers into a stone-like accumulation.  Thus, the key to dissolving gallstones is to prevent them from occurring in the first place by reducing you cholesterol intake.

Certain groups are more likely to get gallstones.  Age, weight, and gender are prime considerations for developing them.  Women over the age of 65 who are overweight are at the highest risk because of the nature of western diets.

Here are some ways that you can prevent and help reduce gallstones.  However, you should always consult your doctor about medical conditions as complications can arise from a wide variety of individual situations.  Gallstones can especially be a problem when they end up in the bile ducts where they can lead to blockages and sometimes may require surgical intervention.  

Tofu and Other Lecithin Rich Foods

One way to help in dissolving gallstones is to increase the amount tofu, mulit-grain breads, and lentil beans in your diet.  These foods are rich in the lipid lecithin, which plays a part in extracting energy from fat deposits in the body.  Lecithin can also keep cholesterol from accumulating and in some cases act as an agent in dissolving gallstones.

Changes in Diet

There are also general changes to your diet that can help prevent the build up and concentration of cholesterol.  Chief amongst these are getting rid of fried meals and items on your grocery list that are high in fat.  Many types of meat—especially red meat—have heavy fat deposits which are little more than cholesterol factories as far as the gallbladder is concerned.  As you get rid of new cholesterol sources in you body, the gallbladder will have less work to do and it will be able to go to work on the concentrations of cholesterol you already have, and, just as importantly, keep new gallstones from forming in the first place.

Increase Water Intake

Another method that helps in dissolving gallstones is to increase your water intake.  Water in large amounts can help flush your system and keep gallstones from accumulating into large concentrations.  It is generally recommended that you drink a dozen cups of water throughout the day in order to accomplish this kind of a flush.  That means you should be drinking a cup of water every two hours.

Vitamin C

As you may know, Vitamin C is generally good for your health.  A dose of Vitamin C during cold season is sometimes enough to make the difference between getting or fighting off that latest bug that is going around.  Being found in orange juice and other items, Vitamin C generally helps keep us healthy and happy.  Now you have yet another reason to take Vitamin C.  It turns out that Vitamin C also helps the body in dissolving gallstones, converting cholesterol concentrations into simple digestive juices.



Sometimes, however, when gallstones are too large to pass naturally, your physician will recommend surgery.  Although no one likes to go under the knife, sometimes it is necessary.  If this occurs, the surgeon will cut an incision in your gallbladder and typically, the gallstones will come right out.

Often, however, gallstones will simply pass by themselves—painfully and unpleasantly—but without any long term effects to your overall health.