Difficulty Losing Weight

Why Women Have Difficulty Losing Weight

Do you have difficulty losing weight? Many of us know what it is like to try diet after diet without reaching our weight loss goal. In the beginning of a diet, it can seem like things are going well but then the weight loss seems to slow until the numbers on the scale stop moving altogether. Most of us are told that a healthy diet and reasonable amount of exercise are all it takes to lose weight, but that isn’t necessarily true for women. Let’s take a look at some of the things that can cause women to experience difficulty losing weight.


It’s no secret that while everyone, male and female, experiences stress, it seems that women experience it on a frequent basis. It isn’t merely the fact that women are more stressed out than men, but the way women handle stress can lead to physical symptoms such as weight gain. The basic gist behind this idea is that the brain has an undeniable effect on the body. When a woman is stressed about something and dwells on it too much, her brain is apt to release hormones which kick starts her appetite. This increase in appetite leads her to eat when she is not necessarily hungry, thus the pounds keep piling on!

Preparation for a Baby

Whether you are consciously preparing to have a baby or trying everything in your power to prevent it, your body is working systematically as a result of biological instinct. Our basic needs as living organisms include procreation, and the female body is constantly in preparation for a baby that may or may not come. The duration of each month results in the preparation of the womb in case pregnancy results.  This process includes having larger fat cells, an increase in the amount of enzymes that store fat, as well as being physically designed to carry about twenty percent more fat than men. All of these things may be great for someone preparing to have a healthy pregnancy but for the everyday gal just looking to lose a little extra pounds, this can be annoying news to say the least!


Lack of Muscle

It is a fact that men are biologically designed to have more muscle than women. This is not a sexist remark, but simply a fact. Many of us fail to remember that the amount of muscle we have has a direct effect on how much body fat we carry. Why? Muscles require more energy to do everyday things. In fact, muscle burns energy even while the body is asleep. People with a higher muscle ratio have a quicker metabolism because their body has to process fat faster in order to feed their muscles with the energy necessary to function. The good news with this one is that any woman can put on a bit of muscle with the right workouts and equipment!

Predisposition to Give into Temptation

This sounds really bad, but studies have shown that women actually have a harder time resisting the foods that they crave so much. This is not to say that women are weak-willed or anything, but simply that we have a higher tendency than men to dwell on our food cravings until we cannot resist them. Studies have also shown that women are more impressionable when it comes to pressure about weight which is why the majority of eating disorders include women.

Medical Condition

Unfortunately, one’s difficulty losing weight could be something different entirely. There are a few medical conditions which can actually cause weight gain or weight plateau. Such conditions include diabetes, hypothyroidism, and polycystic ovary syndrome. Diabetes and hypothyroidism are obviously not gender-specific and can affect both men and women. If you have struggled for quite some time with losing weight, you may want to consider asking your doctor about the possibility of a medical condition hindering your weight loss efforts.