Denture Whitener

Are You Looking For An Effective Denture Whitener?

Rest assured that if you find yourself looking for a quality denture whitener, you are definitely not alone.  Like permanent teeth, dentures can become discolored or stained by the drinks and the food that your consume.  Berries, coffee, juice, wine and nicotine have quite negative effects on your dentures.  While many people will simply have their dentures replaced so that they can have a whiter shade, they really do not need to be replaced unless they become loose or worn down from aging.

Daily Upkeep

To avoid needing a denture whitener later, you need to treat your false smile better than real teeth.  Always clean your dentures whenever you have the opportunity.  They should be brushed as often and the same way that you would real teeth and when brushing your dentures, always use a denture brush.  This will enable you to remove any stubborn stains and really get into those crevices.

Every night, your dentures need to be soaked in a denture solution.  These products work like a denture whitener to make your teeth bright.  It is extremely important to never, under any circumstance, use traditional toothpaste on your dentures.  There are components in toothpaste that will damage and break them down.

If you don't have a nightly denture whitener product to soak them in, you can use baking soda.  Many people suggest that it works even better.  Mix a couple of teaspoons of baking soda in some warm water and place your dentures in the substance overnight.  This not only keeps them bright but also provides them with a nice fresh, clean smell.

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