Cost Of Denture Implants

What Is The Cost Of Denture Implants?

The cost of denture implants will vary from person to person and depend a lot on the dental surgeon and location.  Fees in dentistry are calculated based on goods and services.  The price for certain items may be more in demand in some areas, but the real price variation comes in the service department.  Dental service value is not measured based on the size of the restoration alone or whether plastic, silver or gold are used in the process.  Time is one of the primary factors influencing the price.

A more experienced dentist may be able to lower his cost of denture implants because he has performed the procedure enough that it takes less time which means he is paying less to those assisting.  Therefore, while many people assume that a dentist charging a cheaper price is doing so because he is new to the procedure, this is rarely true.

Cost Of Denture Implants

Every component of your implant is paid for separately.

The Process

The implant is one of three separate components that are required to replace a tooth.  It is placed directly into the bone.  This may be done right away when a natural tooth is being extracted or it can also be done later.

During this procedure your dentist will cut your gums to expose the boney ridge and then he will drill a hole into this exposed bone that is the exact same size of whatever implant he is gong to use.  The implant is then exerted into the hole.  In most cases, the dentist will need to fill in defects using bone grafting material.  A collagen membrane will typically follow this step.

Once the implant is in position, the dentist will firmly sew the membrane and your gums over the graft materiel and the implant.  This is the end of the procedure.  After this, you will be sent home so the surgical site can heal which takes anywhere from four to six months.  The implant will permanently attach itself to the bone during this time and the bone graft material that was used is replaced with your own bone.

Surprisingly, there is very little pain involved with this procedure because there are not any nerve endings in the bone.  Only the periosteum and the gums need to be numb so the whole procedure is done by simply injecting shots into the area being worked on.