Constant Need To Urinate

Reasons for a Constant Need to Urinate

If you feel a constant need to urinate, understand that you are among millions of other people who deal with this problem as well.  It is also important to know that in many cases, the cause is nothing serious.  However, sometimes feeling as if you need to urinate constantly could be a sign of something more serious going on with your health so to make sure you know the reason and have a solution, it would be essential to talk to your doctor.

Obviously, feeling a constant need to urinate is not only embarrassing but also inconvenient.  Even if the amount of urination is minimal, the pressure felt as if you have to go means making frequent trips to the bathroom.  While at work, your level of productivity would be affected, when traveling you would be making far too many stops, and if dating, well you can only imagine how that would go over.  Instead of just dealing with the problem of a constant need to urinate, you need to do something about it.

We felt it was important to provide some insight regarding possible reasons for a constant need to urinate.  While you would still want to seek medical advice, this information would at least give you some ideas of what could be going on.

Some of the other potential causes of a constant need to urinate include prostate infection, tumor in the pelvis, medication to include diuretics, stroke, nervous system or brain diseases, incontinence, and even anxiety.  Although rare, this sensation or the actual need to urinate frequently could be associated with radiation therapy involving the pelvis.  Often, the problem is easily treated so seeing a doctor should always be the first step in bringing the problem under control.