Clear Lungs

Clearing Your Lungs After Quitting Smoking

While the lungs do heal themselves gradually, there are a few ways to go about clearing your lungs to help speed this process along.  Increased lung capacity is one of the most significant health benefits that is received after quitting smoking.  The lungs of a smoker are polluted with damaging chemicals and tar that begin to clear away as soon as the individual quits.  There are a few things that you can do to start clearing your lungs as soon as you make the decision to quit smoking however, it is first helpful to understand the function of your lungs.

Lung Cycle

Roughly 17,000 times per day, your lungs expel carbon dioxide out of your system.  After your brain, your lungs are your body's next most delicate organ.  There are air chambers and tiny passage ways found in a pair of healthy lungs.  When you breathe, oxygen is inhaled into your lungs and once it is inside the chambers, it gets passed to red blood cells while an exchange for carbon dioxide is made.

To properly complete this cycle those tiny passages in your lungs need to be free of sediments.  To help keep these many chambers clean, cilia is found in your lungs.  Cilia are thousands of hair-like tiny stalks that work by continuously sweeping sediment and impurities out of your system.

When you smoke, chemicals and toxins are brought into your lungs.  The cilia struggle to do their job and over time, many become damaged which makes the cleaning process even more difficult.  Eventually, the air chambers become clogged.

Since the cilia are not cleaning your lungs, your body causes you to cough which is its next resort in trying to partake in clearing your lungs naturally.  The infamous smoker's cough actually serves a purpose.


Garlic is extremely helpful in clearing your lungs.  You can choose to add it to your cooking or if you are struggling to get your daily dose in, go ahead and eat a couple of cloves raw.  After mucus has exited out of your lungs, garlic helps clear it away.  It is important to note that you want mucus to come out of your lungs!  This is actually positive because it is helping to expel all of the toxins that are lingering around from smoking.

Also, garlic helps to absorb the poisons that are soaked into the pores of your skin from smoking as well.  Additional spices including ginger and horseradish are said to have the same healing effects as garlic.  Ginger can be taken as capsule form or made into a tea.


This interesting herb is said to be quite effective at clearing your lungs but it's not for everyone.  This plant has been used by Native Americans for many years.  Lobelia is rolled and smoked, just like a cigarette to clear and actually soothe the lungs.  The biggest problem with this is that too much of it can make you pretty sick so you will want to speak with a well-trained herbalist for dosage information.  You can actually buy rolled lobelia from certain individuals trained in herbal medicine.


If you feel a little weird about smoking this because you just finally kicked the habit, you can buy lobelia in supplement form.  While it can be a challenge to find in some health food stores, they will often order it for you or you can order it online.

Avoid Irritants

To help with clearing your lungs, avoid air irritants including pollen, chemical-based household cleaners, car exhaust and second hand smoke.  There are an endless list of things that you should not breathe in but making an effort to at least stay clear of as many as possible will help your body not have to work extra hard to heal itself.