Chin Tuck

Everything You Want To Know About A Chin Tuck

If you are like most people, as you age, you will find yourself in need of a chin tuck.  Quite often, that loose, flabby skin under your chin will reveal your true age before any wrinkles or gray hair will since there is always hair dye and time-reversal face moisturizers.  Unfortunately, unless you want to walk around in a turtle neck or a fashionable scarf up to your chin, you will need to do something about that extra skin.  While there is cosmetic surgery available, you may want to try this handy daily routine and see if you can give yourself a chin tuck for free.

Chin Tuck Routine

  1. Apply a moisturizer to your neck area.  So many people take the time to apply their favorite moisturizer to their face that probably tones skin, minimizes lines and deeply hydrates but for whatever reason, their skin on their neck and under their chin is left neglected. Dry skin causes your skin to sag which can result in a double chin.
  1. Completely relax your jaw and let it hang a bit so that your lips are slightly separated.  Place the top of your tongue so that it is touching the back of your front teeth.
  1. Next, close your lips together but do not change the position of your tongue.  Pretend like you are chewing by moving your jaw but be careful not to open your lips.  Muscles are strengthened by the stretch so it is an ideal exercise to target your double chin.  Repeat this 15 times from the beginning.
  1. The next exercise will tone up your jaw line.  Begin by positioning your jaw and tongue the same way that you did before with your tongue right behind your teeth.
  1. Close your lips and move your jaw up and down and then side to side.  Increase the speed without moving your tongue and repeat a total of 15 times.
  1. For the final part of the chin tuck routine you will relax your jaw and tilt your head back like you are gargling.  Stick out your tongue and reach to touch your nose and then your chin.  Lower your head back down.
  1. Repeat this 10 to 15 times.  This is a tough one and you will definitely feel it right away.  Keep in mind that you won't see results immediately but if you are persistent the exercises will work.


Sometimes surgery is just the easiest and quickest way to receive a chin tuck.  Fat accumulates under the chin even in individual who aren't overweight.  Liposuction for a double chin is really very effective to get rid of fat and sagging skin.  With new advanced microcannular liposuction techniques, individuals generally experience an extremely fast recovery and can return to their daily activities including work, rather quickly.


In the past, facelifts were the primary choice of getting rid of that unwanted skin.  Today, improved methods see fewer side effects, less scarring and faster recovery.  Liposuction effectively removes double chin fat and tightens the skin without exercise.

The skin incisions associated with this method are quite small compared to the long ones that were left behind from past facelifts.  This is because today's instruments are incredibly tiny which is why they heal so quickly.  The instrument is called a cannula which is about the size of your standard pencil.

When a tumescent technique is performed which only uses local anesthetic, there is very little trauma to tissues so there isn't much bleeding.  Patients are typically up and about right away and they do not experience risks that are associated with general anesthesia.

After liposuction, you are usually off work for two or three days but you are still able to engage in light daily activity.  There is minimal swelling and moderate bleeding which typically subsides rapidly.  A special garment needs to be worn for a couple days to provide a little pressure and after that, not really any special care is required.