Chest Wrinkles

Dealing With Chest Wrinkles

We don't hear about or worry about chest wrinkles as much as is the case with facial wrinkles, but to some they constitute a worry or an embarrassment. It's easy to say that “wrinkles are wrinkles” no matter where they appear, and we know that wrinkles are more easily prevented that cured.

Just as we can take steps to avoid facial wrinkles for forming, there are things that can be done to keep chest wrinkles at bay as well. It must be recognized however that part of the reason for wrinkles is the aging process, which in fact means they can't be prevented entirely.

Chest wrinkles tend to be more of a problem with women than with men. It isn't necessarily that women are more vain about having them, number one, women are more apt to get chest wrinkles than men, and number two, the location at which the wrinkles generally appear, above and between the breasts, can put some significant limitations on the type of blouse or dress a woman might wish to wear.

Aging, Sun, And Gravity - Wrinkles are caused by several things, one being aging, as the skin loses some of its elasticity, a second being the sun, or more precisely, too much exposure to the sun, and a third being gravity. Gravity has more to do with the formation of chest wrinkles than is usually the case with facial wrinkles, though it can play a role there as well. As far as chest wrinkles are concerned, gravity comes into play when people sleep, especially for those who sleep mainly on their side or stomach, and especially for women having larger breasts.

As mentioned at the start, it's much easier to prevent wrinkles than to attempt to make them go away, which even where possible is at best a temporary situation. As is the case with facial wrinkles, one of the primary ways to prevent chest wrinkles is to avoid overexposure to the sun, as the combination of excessive sunlight and aging can cause wrinkles to begin to form. Whenever the chest will be exposed to the sun, keep the sunscreen and moisturizer close at hand.

Sleeping Wrong Can Do It - If you have a habit of sleeping on your side. you may start noticing some creases in your chest when awakening in the morning. At first these creases will tend to go away, but eventually they will have a tendency to remain longer after you've gotten out of bed, and eventually will be there to stay. Moisturizers can help, but he damage may already have been done. To prevent these creases, and the subsequent appearance of permanent chest wrinkles, it will either be necessary to train yourself to sleep on your back (where snoring scan at times become an issue), or wear a device, such as a Decollete Pad, which works to keep the skin on your chest firmly in place while you sleep, not allowing it to sag.


Apply Moisture Outside And Inside - Dry skin can also be a contributor, and making it a habit to regularly use moisturizing cremes or lotions can be helpful. Drinking plenty of water is good for the skin as well, not to mention being good for the rest of you. Lotions containing vitamin E are said to be good remedies for wrinkles, bearing in mind that in this case a remedy is not the same as a cure. Moisturizers, used regularly, make the skin appear uniformly smooth, smoother in fact that it actually may be. There are numerous home remedies which can be applied topically to the chest that can help as well, but an over the counter moisturizer is often best, or at least is good enough.

Beware of products which claim to make wrinkles disappear. They can't. What some products can do is to mask small chest wrinkles, but if the wrinkles have gotten to the "permanent crease" stage, nothing you put on them is going to make them go away.

Stop Smoking - Smoking should probably be mentioned as well. Smoking, over the years, definitely causes the skin to age, with the result that wrinkles eventually appear, both facial wrinkles, chest wrinkles, as well as wrinkles in other places as well. The various chemicals the body has to process as a result of smoking do not do the skin any favors, and quitting smoking at an early age is one way to help keep wrinkles from forming at an earlier age than they would naturally.