Chest Shaving

Thoughts On Shaving Chest Hair

When it comes to shaving chest hair, several questions immediately arise - like who, why, when and how? Since women rarely have chest hair this is predominately a male issue. The answers to the above questions are rather straightforward, or nearly so. There are no laws regarding shaving chest hair, at least not in our country. Some cultures expect the chest to be clean shaven, others place greater stock in the hairy-chested look, while most don't seem to care much one way or the other.

Times Change - In our culture it used to be that hair on the chest was a sign of masculinity, and if you didn't have a well formed rug between your shoulders you were made to feel somewhat inferior. Those of us with thin chest hair or hair that was so blond that it was nearly invisible were often tempted to look for hair growing tonics or at least considered using a dark dye.

Times have changed. A growth of hair peering out from the neck of a shirt still looks somewhat masculine, but if it is too long or thick it can be downright unattractive (attractiveness being a subjective term and a matter of taste). Male models, especially male swimsuit models or those wearing a shirt that is open in the front, rarely exhibit chest hair these days. They'll almost always have a nice tan, but seldom any chest hair.

You'll have to look long and hard to find a bodybuilder who has any chest hair at all. Chest hair detracts from muscle definition, something the body builder does not want to happen, so it's a matter of shave, oil, and then flex those muscles.

Perhaps the nail in the coffin as far as chest hair is concerned is the discovery that most women seem to prefer smooth-chested men. Men with only a small amount of chest hair can usually qualify, but those with thick coarse hair cannot. When shaving chest hair to obtain that smooth-chested feel that women seem to like, it needs to be remembered that in 3 or 4 days there's going to be stubble. Stubble on a man's chin is nowadays considered sexy, but stubble on the chest can be a turnoff.

Who - Getting back to who, when, why, and how. As far as who is concerned, a smooth chest is necessary or at least highly desirable if you're a male model or into body building. Swimmers like to shave off every bit of hair they can find. Otherwise, it's a matter of personal choice, unless you live in a country with hair police who may dictate whether you shave or not and where.

When And Why - As far as when is concerned, the answer to that is whenever, at least as far as the first time you do it is concerned. After that, it’s every 3 or 4 days unless stubble is not going to cause a problem or you decide you want your hair back. Why do it? We've touched on that somewhat. "Why not?" might be a perfectly good answer. Another answer might be for reasons of hygiene, which has some merit. If you have lots of thick chest hair, wanting to cool down a bit also makes some sense.


How - Now we come to perhaps the most important question – how? You would shave your chest the same way you shave your face, with a safety razor or electric razor and shaving gel or foam. The one thing you don't want to do however is try using a straight razor on your chest. You may be used to manipulating a straight razor on your face, but the chest is a different matter, and you don't want to be slicing anything. Unless your chest-shaving activity turns out to be a one shot deal, investing in an electric razor makes the most sense, preferably the kind having blades behind a perforated foil. It probably goes without saying that if you choose to shave your chest while taking a shower or bath, use a cordless razor!

Preparation - Shaving chest hair will be much easier the first time if you clip the hair short with a scissors. Even if the hair on your chest is rather thin and sparse, things will go a lot faster if you're shaving away stubs of hair instead of long hairs. Rubbing the chest first with a warm to hot washcloth will help prepare you for the shave as well. Don't forget the foam or gel though or you have a good chance of getting razor burn, nicks, or cuts. When done, flex your muscles and (hopefully) notice the difference.