Chest And Tricep Workout

A Straightforward Chest And Tricep Workout

While it's possible to focus on a chest and tricep workout as the core of your strength and muscle building program, it's really much better to devote equal time to all of the major muscle groups in your body, plus it doesn't hurt to spend some additional time working the more isolated muscles.

The Neglected Tricep - There's no doubt however as to the importance of a good chest and tricep workout. While big muscles are often associated with the bicep as far as the arm is concerned, the tricep is really the workhorse, and is the largest and potentially most powerful muscle in the upper arm. We neglect the tricep because, unless we twist our arm to the point of significant discomfort, we never see the tricep, and unless we're seriously into bodybuilding, rarely examine our backside in the mirror. All our tricep does is allow us to flex our elbow and extend our forearm. Without a strong tricep, the arm couldn't do much.

The chest or pectoral muscles are right there in front of us and easy to see and attend to. These muscles are actually made up of two major muscle groups, the pectoral major and the pectoral minor, which work in combination. While machines in the gym devoted to tricep development are sometimes fewer in number, there is usually a wide variety of machines, along with free weight work used to develop the chest muscles.

The Exercises - Without going into a great deal of detail, in terms of weight progression or sets and repetitions, here is a list of chest and tricep workout exercises regarded by most bodybuilders and strength coaches as being very effective. When exercising the chest muscles, give equal amount of time to working on the deltoids and shoulder muscles, and when working on the triceps, don't forget either the shoulder muscles or the biceps, and you'll develop your muscles they way they should be developed.

Bench Press, Dips, And Flyes - Two exercise that will give you both a good chest and a good tricep workout are the wide grip barbell bench press, and the incline dumbbell bench press, with four sets of 6 repetitions each considered to be most effective. The decline cable crossover exercise is a third exercise that will benefit both chest and tricep muscles.

One of the most powerful exercises for developing the tricep muscles, and one that does not require weights, are dips, done by sitting on a bench, sliding your hips forward so that all of your weight is on your extended arms and your heels. Without locking your elbows, lower your torso until your arms are at a 90 degree angle, and then raise up again. Do 10 repetitions and, if you can, up to three sets.

Dumbbell flyes are one of the better exercises one can do to develop great pecs, and are especially effective when done in combination with the aforementioned dumbbell bench press, with the same number or repetitions and sets. Both flyes and the dumbbell bench presses can also be done using an incline bench.


There are other exercises one can do as well, but those mentioned here will serve as a good basic set. If doing a full body workout, it is usually advised to save the chest exercises for last. If the chest muscles become fatigued early on, other muscle exercises may become too difficult, and therefore will be less effective.

Warm-Up And Cool Down - Always stretch and warm up before starting your chest and tricep workout, otherwise an injury, especially to the tricep, is more likely, though one of the chest muscles can be strained as well when not properly warmed up. Cooling down is also important, and as any bodybuilder can tell you, it's never a good idea to heavily exercise any muscle group two days in a row.