Cherry Angioma Removal

About Cherry Angioma Removal

If you have been diagnosed with a cherry angioma, you might want to research some information about cherry angioma removal.

A cherry angioma is basically a benign skin tumor that is usually a red or purple color. It is not understood what causes these skin tumors, but they tend to occur most frequently in people that over 40 years old. Although these tumors can occur just about anywhere on the body, you will most often find them on the torso. When this tumor first begins to grow, it will only be the size of the head of a pen, but later it can reach about ¼ inch in diameter, and begin to protrude from the surface of the skin.

Although these tumors are painless, and will not develop into something dangerous, a lot of people opt for cherry angioma removal for cosmetic reasons. This type of skin tumor does have a tendency to bleed heavily when injured, for this reason you will not want to try and remove it yourself.

Even though you can develop a cherry angioma at any age, they are most commonly seen in people that are over 40. It is estimated that as many as 70% of the people over the age of 70 have one of these skin tumors.

There are few different treatments for these skin tumors. Some of the most common methods used for cherry angioma removal include electrosurgery, which involves using a tiny needle like instrument and electrical current to remove the tumor. Another method that is used is known as cryotherapy, which involves freezing the tumor with liquid nitrogen, much like is done in the removal of warts.

Another modern method of cherry angioma removal is laser vaporization; this method involves the use of an intense beam of light on the tumor. In most cases this can be the least invasive method of removing this tumor, and often patients see great results.

If you are interested in cherry angioma removal you will want to talk with your doctor. When you consult with a physician to remove this tumor you will want to ask a few questions, such as how large the tumor is likely to grow, will sun exposure darken the color of the tumor. It is also a good idea to ask your doctor how you can stop the bleeding, if you do happen to injury this skin tumor.

Those that opt for cherry angioma removal will also want to ask about the procedure that will be used, as well as the potential for scarring after the procedure. As with any type of surgical procedure, the removal of this tumor is bound to carry some risks, though they are likely to be very slight.


Due to the fact that cherry angioma removal is considered to be a cosmetic surgery, it may be difficult to get your insurance company to pay for this procedure. If there is some danger of injury and bleeding, the insurance company might have a loophole that will provide payment, otherwise you will likely have to pay for this out of pocket.

There are a number of reasons to choose cherry angioma removal, such as increased self-confidence, a better appearance, and to reduce the risk of injury to the tumor. Find out all you can about this procedure then visit your doctor and ask questions.