Celery Extract

The Many Benefits Of Celery Extract

It's not unsurprising that celery extract has so many benefits since the vegetable itself is highly nutritious. About the only negative thing one can about celery is its taste is somewhat bland to some, unless of course when a stalk is filled with a delicious cheese dip.

Celery extract not only contains a good many nutrients, but has a history of medicinal value as well. The extract is taken from the celery seeds. It has few if any notable side effects, though those having certain medical conditions or taking certain medications are advised not to take it.

Useful As An Antioxidant And A Diuretic - Celery seed and celery extract supplements are mainly taken either as a diuretic or in connection with arthritis, gout, and rheumatism. The extract is believed to lower blood pressure and reduce bad cholesterol. A number of tests and studies seem to bear this out. While not a cure for arthritis or rheumatism, celery extract when taken in daily doses does tend to relieve pain due to its anti inflammatory properties. The extract also appears to aid in the prevention of joint degeneration due to aging, or at least slow the process down.

Useful In Eliminating Excess Uric Acid - Celery extract diuretic properties help relieve fluid retention in the urinary tract, and the fact that celery seeds and extract also have antiseptic properties tend to benefit the overall health of the urinary tract, among other things aiding in the elimination of uric acid. The ability to eliminate uric acid is also one of the reasons celery extract is so beneficial to the health and well being of our joints. It should be noted that the benefits of celery extract as far as our joints are concerned are based mostly on historical evidence, and not so much on scientific proof.

When one examines some of the components of celery extract, it would be easy to believe that many of  claimed benefits are true, as the seeds and extract are rich in flavonoids (antioxidants), coumarins (benefit the blood), and linolic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid.

Herbs Can At Times Interact Unpredictably - Where one has to be a little cautious, is that when dealing with celery extract, one is dealing with an herb. While an herb, like celery, may be perfectly safe and healthy, herbal supplements and medicines are generally not well regulated, and some herbs react unfavorably when interacting with other herbs or supplements.  There is little or no history of the effects on children of many herbs, including celery extract. The extract may be perfectly safe, or it may not be, and no on knows for certain. It is generally not advised to give those under 18 years of age celery extract, or any other herbal medicine or supplement for that matter, except under the supervision of a physician.


Some Should Avoid Celery, Celery Seeds, And Celery Extract - There are some people who are allergic to celery seeds, and those same people would be allergic to celery extract. In addition, certain components in celery extract are known to make the skin more sensitive to sunlight, specifically the UV rays, making the use of sunscreen advisable if one is taking the supplement. Even though celery extract is good for the urinary system, anyone suffering form kidney problems, especially inflammation of the kidneys, should avoid all forms of celery, including the extract, and pregnant women should as well, as celery extract can contribute to uterine bleeding, and in rare instances could contribute to miscarriages due to muscle spasms components in the extract could bring on. For most of us however, celery extract appears to be perfectly safe, and it provides a number of potentially healthful benefits.