Cataract Surgery Recovery

What To Expect During Cataract Surgery Recovery

With most patients, cataract surgery recovery is said to be very mild and fairly brief.  Within just a few days of the surgery, a large majority of individuals are able to comfortably return to their normal daily activities.  This type of surgery is said to be one of the most common and safest surgical procedures performed today.

After Surgery

Cataract surgery recovery begins the minute that you leave the premises.  Your vision is impaired so you will have to have someone there to drive you home or you will not be able to be released.  Most patients experience a small amount of discomfort but you may experience a bit of itchiness and some mild redness in the affected eye.  To promote healing, you will need to take it easy for the rest of the day.

To prevent any complications, you will need to wear a protective shield over your eyes and eye drops will be provided by your doctor.  It is very important that you wear the protective shield during cataract surgery recovery to prevent you from scratching or bumping it while you sleep.  Also, the eye drops are imperative for the first week when your eyes are the most vulnerable.  You can however, make use of the drops longer if need be.

It is very important during cataract surgery recovery that you always keep the eye protected and clean.  Typically, your surgeon will perform a follow up exam the day after surgery that someone should drive you to, just to make sure that your eye has started its healing process correctly.

While the healing time for each patient varies, generally recovery time takes anywhere from two to six weeks.  Some patients do not have clear vision or see visible results for about a week or so while others experience improved vision on the very same day that they had the surgery.  It is important to note that this type of procedure will change your corrective prescription so you may not achieve optimal correction until after you have your new glasses.


Complications during cataract surgery recovery are very rare as this is considered an effective and safe procedure.  However, as with all surgeries there still are notable risks that you could experience including:

Cataract Prevention

The best treatment is always prevention and although cataracts cannot be prevented completely, there are things you can do to significantly slow them down.  Cataracts are a progressive clouding that takes place in the lens of your eye.  Once cataracts get to where they hinder your day to day activities, cataract surgery is absolutely necessary.