Cat Urinating

When Cat Urinating Improperly Becomes A Problem

A cat urinating any place other than its designated area, the litter box, can present a major challenge to its owner. When a kitten is young we can usually train it to use its littler box with out too much of a problem and without too many accidents. Once it finds out the purpose of the litter box, a cat usually takes ownership and will not urinate anywhere else unless it absolutely has no choice.

On occasion however we either see the cat urinating elsewhere or find the evidence that it hasn't used the litter box. As any cat owner can tell you, scolding the cat will do absolutely no good. In the first place, it won't know why it's being scolded, and in the second place, cats just don't take well to scolding. Scold your pet cat and all you'll accomplish is having a pet that will avoid you, at least for awhile. And, if you stress the cat in the process of scolding it, it's probably going to go and pee somewhere other than   in the littler box.

Everything Has A Purpose - Although a pet cat is forever a mysterious creature, one we can sometimes fool but can never really train, it's a very intelligent creature and seldom does anything without purpose. If your cat suddenly stops using the litter box, or defecates in it but doesn't urinate in it, there's a reason, and it's important to find out what that reason is. For one thing, finding the reason may lead to a solution. More importantly, if the reason is a medical one it can be extremely important that you find just what the problem is.

A Medical Reason - A common medical problem associated with a cat urinating where it shouldn't is urinary tract disease. Such a condition can make it painful for the cat to urinate. What happens is the cat will associate the discomfort or pain it is feeling with the litter box, and will urinate elsewhere in an attempt to avoid the pain. The problem can be something other than a urinary tract problem. Sometimes if a cat simply isn't feeling well, for whatever reason, it will urinate at some new place in the house. Some experts believe this is done to get the owner's attention, which of course it often does. Just what the cat's problem is only the vet may be able to determine, but when there is a urination problem, and the reason isn't obvious, it would pay to either take the cat to the vet or at least call the vet's office.

Do Not Disturb - The cat may not necessarily be ill, it may be upset, stressed, or unhappy, and often the reason is obvious if one stops to think about it. Cats don't like change. Cats are happiest when their world is in order. Move the furniture around and the cat may suddenly start peeing on the carpet. Introduce a new cat into the home and your pet may, and very likely will, start marking its territory, especially if it's a male, and it’s even more likely to happen if it has never been spayed or neutered.

Medications Can Help - Fortunately, you don't have to put your daily routine on autopilot to avoid having your cat urinating all over the place in retaliation for something that has threatened its comfort zone. There are medications that can be given that will help get a cat through a period of transition if a problem occurs or you can see one coming. These medications should either be prescribed by a vet or given following consultation with the vet, as some may produce side effects, and others need to be given religiously for a lengthy period of time, often weeks or months. Just don't take your cat to a shelter. Too many pet owners give up too easily and do that, which is definitely the wrong thing to do if the cat is ill and improper cat urinating isn't really its fault.