Burst Capillaries

Causes Of Burst Capillaries

The term burst capillaries sounds very traumatic, as if our blood vessels suddenly decided to burst with accompanying pain and various other terrible effects. Most of the time burst capillaries happen without our even being aware if it, and it's only when we see the result, blood collecting beneath the surface of the skin, or bruising, that we detect their presence.

Burst capillaries can be painful when caused by trauma, but the pain is usually due to pressure on or damage to the nerves, and not so much due to the bleeding from the veins or capillaries. Most of the time however, the capillaries bleed due to causes we seldom feel, such as burst capillaries in the nose which can be the result of taking in excessive amounts of alcohol, or from smoking.

In many instances, burst capillaries appear in the form of a bruise. This is usually the case when trauma is involved, whether it is the result of being struck with an object or due to a movement such as lifting which may place excessive pressure on parts of the circulatory system. Those having high blood pressure are not surprisingly more susceptible to experiencing broken or burst capillaries and blood vessels. In other instances, a pooling of blood under the skin rather than a bruise is the observable symptom.

Burst capillaries are rarely dangerous, but care very often unattractive from a cosmetic perspective. A burst capillary in the eye can be especially noticeable and when the eye is involved there is occasionally pain or itching. Fortunately, such occurrences in the eye tend to heal fairly quickly but it is always a good idea to see a doctor or ophthalmologist if such an incident occurs, since when anything affects the eye it is best not to ignore it.

Alcohol And Smoking - Although not all heavy drinkers show the symptoms, the red nose we associate with an alcoholic or heavy drinker is due to the a concentration of broken capillaries. We know that alcohol does many things when in our body, most of which are not all that good for us. Whenever we take a drink of alcohol, it is absorbed very rapidly into our blood stream. We know this from the effects it has on our brain and nervous system. Alcohol affects the blood vessels as well, as its presence causes them to dilate or expand somewhat. This in itself is seldom a serious issue, but when one drinks excessively for a long period of time, this constant dilation of the blood vessels and capillaries due to the presence of alcohol eventually causes some of them to burst. This most often occurs in the face, and especially on and around the nose.

Smoking also can cause capillaries to break. Smoking doesn't directly affect the blood vessels and capillaries as does alcohol, but rather restricts the amount of vitamin C that the capillary walls, especially those near the skin, require. It is this deficiency of vitamin C, the result of smoking, that causes the capillary walls to become weaker and at times rupture.

Laser Therapy As A Cure - Creams and lotions are often used to treat the effects of burst capillaries but often do little more than mask the symptoms. The most effective treatment is laser therapy. As long as the burst capillaries are present they will be visible. Laser therapy destroys these small capillaries, after which the surrounding blood is absorbed into the body and all of the signs of the broken blood vessel disappear. Avoiding smoking, alcohol, and excessive sun exposure are good ways to prevent burst capillaries, especially about the face and nose, but we can usually never avoid them completely.