Bulging Veins

How To Deal With Bulging Veins

Bulging veins, otherwise known as varicose veins, very well may be some of the most unsightly marks that can appear on your body.  They traditionally form on your legs and they can cause both physical as well as mental pain.  To better understand what causes them, it is helpful to be aware of what they actually are.

The blood that is pumped through your body by your heart travels by way of blood vessels.  After blood has been used in your body, your blood is carried by your veins to your heart to become oxygenated again.  Similar to your heart, your blood vessels are important to your life and they can cause disease and conditions such as bulging veins.

Your veins offer a bulging appearance because instead of the blood flowing through them like it's supposed to, it pools up within them instead.  They are usually long and wide and not only can you see them, you can physically feel them as well.


There is quite a list of things that could be the cause of your bulging veins.  Sometimes they simply develop because the valves are weak or missing within the veins which leads to poor circulation.  In some cases, valve function is not working properly which allows blood to flow in the opposite direction that it should.

In some people, the vein walls are very weak and they cannot stop the blood from pooling up.  In other people, medical conditions are the cause such as vein inflammation, blood clots and vein abnormalities.

There are many other factors that can contribute to bulging veins as well such as genetics, pregnancy, hormonal abnormalities and long periods of standing or sitting.  However, the most popular reason behind these unsightly marks is obesity.

When you are significantly overweight, you put a lot of additional pressure on your legs which weakens your veins and causes them to bulge.  Table salt is another culprit because the more you use, the more water is retained in your body which requires more blood to be stored as well.

Aging is known to cause your veins to bulge too.  Your veins begin to loose their elasticity over time which results in your blood pooling in them.  Deep vein thrombosis can also cause bulging veins because the condition makes them appear to be a dark purple or blue color and then they twist which makes them visible through the skin.

Even overexposure to the sun can make veins much more visible.  By using proper sun protection, you can reduce your risk of this being a cause.


Natural Remedies

If you suffer from bulging veins and are tired of trying to always keep them hidden with clothing, try a natural remedy to get rid of them and protect yourself against new ones from forming.

There are a lot of causes behind bulging veins but most are completely preventable.  Making an effort to simply engage in a healthier lifestyle is often all you need to do to prevent and treat them.