Build Muscle Without Weights

How to Build Muscle Without Weights

Who says you can’t build muscle without weights? When our ancestors sported the caveman brow, they had to be in pretty good physical condition to chase after saber-toothed tigers and mammoths. Do you think they sat around the cave and pumped iron to get such great biceps and quads? Certainly not! There are plenty of things you can use around the house instead of weight and tons of exercises that you can do which build muscle without weights.

Instead of Weights…

You can use resistance bands, which are one of the most flexible pieces of equipment that can be substituted in place of weights. With weights, the body’s muscles have to contract to push or lift clumsy and heavy pieces of metal. Resistance bands do exactly what their name suggests; they provide resistance against the muscles movements, causing the muscle to work harder. While working out, a resistance band allows you to work muscles in places and movements that you might not always get with weights. Weights use mass to create resistance, and because gravity pulls the mass in certain directions every time the weight is lifted or moved, your muscles are limited to certain movements. Resistance bands are light and flexible and can be stretched in a wide variety of directions without the hindrance of gravity working against your muscle building efforts.

Even though resistance bands make a great substitute for weights, you don’t have to use tension. Many people like the solid feel of weights and the results that weight lifting can give, but a set of weights can be pretty expensive. Everything has weight and there are plenty of items around the house that you can use in the place of dumbbells. A great light weight would be canned goods such as soup or beans. You could also use books or water bottles filled with sand. Heavier weights found around the home include milk jugs filled with water or laundry detergent bottles filled with sand.

Muscle Building Exercises

There are certain exercises that can be done to build muscle using your own body weight as resistance. The type of workouts you should focus on will be a bit more intense than the average cardio or toning exercises, but the results are definitely worth the effort. To target the triceps, an excellent exercise would be the “chair dip”. To do this exercise, all you need is a sturdy chair. Sit on the edge of the chair and firmly hold onto the seat with your inner arms facing the back of the chair. Slowly slide your bottom off the chair and “dip” towards the ground. Use your arms to push yourself upward until your bottom is level with the seat of the chair, then repeat. Start out with about eight repetitions until you feel comfortable increasing this number.

Squats are one of the best exercises for building up your leg muscles and you don’t need anything but your leg muscles! To do this, place your feet shoulder-length apart. Keep your heels on the floor while you slowly bend your knees to squat into a 90 degree angle. Hold this for three seconds before resuming a standing position. Repeat as many times as you like. To increase the resistance on the muscles, try holding a couple of bottles of water or milk jugs.

If you want to build muscle without weights, try targeting your back and arm muscles by doing pull ups. Doorway pull up bars are fairly cheap to purchase, especially when compared to a set of weights. This bar fits above the trim of a doorway and can easily be removed and taken wherever you need to go! Pull ups are a real work out for your arms, shoulders, and back because they aren’t only pulling the weight of your body up, but these muscles also have to work against the force of gravity.