Barley Grass Benefits

The Many Benefits Of Barley Grass

Many of the benefits of barley grass that have been cited are beyond dispute, though as is often the case with many herbs or herbal supplements, a great number of claims have been made that cannot be, or have yet to be substantiated.

If nothing else, the benefits of barley grass stem from the fact that it is one of the so-called super foods, a food which contains virtually all of the nutritional elements our body requires. Almost everyone is familiar with barley as a grain, and its use in everything from breads to cereals, to the brewing of beer. Barley has been a staple in the human diet for centuries.

Barley grass is generally harvested when the blades are about a foot high, and the grass is somewhat similar to wheat grass, also known as a very beneficial food item. Many prefer barley grass over wheat grass as the former is not quite so bitter as the latter. In fact, barley grass can often improve the flavor of various vegetable juice mixes.

One can consume barley grass either in juice form or powder form. In powder form it does not appear to appreciably lose any of its nutritional value. Even though barley grass qualifies as a super food, some of the claims made that it can cure or prevent many ills including cancer, are generally either without foundation or have yet to be proven. For example the antioxidant powers of barley grass, its ability to lower cholesterol levels, and its possible benefits as an anti-carcinogen all would seem to have some merit, but there are no instances of clinical studies which bear such claims out. If one considers only the nutritional benefits of barely grass, in other words treating it as a very healthy food and nothing more, that is all the reason needed to make it a part of one's diet.

Highly Nutritional - Barley grass is very rich in most of the minerals we require, including potassium, manganese, phosphorous, zinc, iron, magnesium, copper, and calcium,. In fact barley grass has 10 times as much calcium as milk, and 4 times as much iron as spinach. It also has 6 times the amount of vitamin C as does an equivalent measure of orange juice, and is rich in the B-vitamins as well. It probably goes without saying that one of the benefits of barley grass, including the juice, is it is a rich source of fiber, similar to the fiber found in oat bran.

Are There Potential Side effects? - The benefits of barely grass are indeed many. So, what about potential side effects? As healthy as this food item may be, is there any reason one should not make it a part of his or her diet? There does not appear to be any documentation indicating whether  barley grass powder or juice will interact harmfully with any other herb, food item, or medication. Most foods of this type are quite compatible with most medications and generally do not interact in any harmful way with other herbs. The fact that no harmful interactions have been documented does not conclusively prove the safety of barley grass, but the general consensus seems to be that it is perfectly safe.


About the only side effect that seems to be worth mentioning would be an allergic reaction that some might have to the grass. If one is allergic to the barely seed or grain however, it does not necessarily follow that they would be allergic to the grass as well. Here again, there is no documentation pointing one way or the other. Barley grass would appear to be a food that is reasonably safe for everyone, even though some of the claims made as to its possible have yet to be proven.