Back Dimple

Some Thoughts About The Back Dimple

A Conversation Piece And Little More - The back dimple is something God gave us, or didn't give us, mainly it seems for the purpose of conversation. It seems like the back dimple, or dimples, as there are usually two of them, are physical characteristics that people who have them would like to get rid of them, and those who don't would like to get them.

There are conflicting bits of advice as to whether one can get these dimples by exercising, such as lifting weights. Some say it's possible, and even advise exercises one could do over a period of time to develop them. Others say that exercises for the purpose of developing back dimples are meaningless. Still others claim that the only way to get back dimples, if you don't have them already, is to lose weight to where you're down to around 6%  to 10% body fat, a goal most of us would have a great deal of difficulty reaching. There seems to be no documentation outlining how one might get rid of a back dimple should one desire to, although putting on enough weight to become obese might do the trick. Or, it might not.

An Obsession? - Women are far more apt to have back dimples than men. Since the dimples are located at the part of the spine called the sacrum, directly above the crevice between the buttocks, men find these dimples on women very sexy, which given their location, probably comes as no surprise. Some men would like to develop or better develop their own back dimples to make them look more sexy, which seems to be a bit narcissistic. In any event, these indentations seem to make good material for bloggers.

It would seem that most of those who have back dimples are born with them, so genetics may play a role. It's not a big surprise that there aren't many medical articles that go into depth about the back dimple, which incidentally are called dimples of Venus, for whatever reason. In any event, the medical profession has adopted that designation. The medical description for these dimples is that they are two symmetrical indentations on the lower back, located just superior to the gluteal cleft, which to us lay people translates as dimples right above the butt crack.

It’s All In The Ligaments - The dimples come about due to ligament stretching at the point of the sacroiliac joint. The ligament lies between the back of the spine and the skin. Since no two of us are built exactly the same, in terms of ligament length, muscle size, etc., and since women are built slightly differently than men, it probably makes sense that not everyone has back dimples, and whether you do or not, unless you can do something about the ligament that causes the indentation, you're probably stuck with having a back dimple or not having a back dimple.

Maybe We Have One But Don't Realize It - The truth is, the back dimple is rather rare, but one argument for its existence is that highly trained athletes, those who have a minimum of body fat coupled with good muscle definition, seem to have them, which suggests that there's something to the saying that within each of us is a lean, mean fighting machine, just waiting to break out if we let it. Put another way, we may all have a back dimple hiding in there somewhere, just waiting for us to do the right exercises and/or lose enough weight for the little ligament to do its job in making a sexy indentation just above our gluteal cleft. Then we can spend a little time each day standing with our back to a full length mirror, admiring our dimples of Venus.